Table-Tennis Coaching Session for Expats in KL/Selangor !


"With speeds reaching over 160kmph (100mph), table tennis is the fastest racquet sport on the planet."

"Table tennis is a sport of precision and fast reactions. It works your cardiovascular system, reflexes and co-ordination."

"It's been an Olympic sport since 1988 and a Paralympic sport since 1960, and is now the second-most practised sport in the world, with an estimated 300 million players."


    * Coaching session would be conducted by experienced instructor, a former state table-tennis player.
    * Small group coaching session.
    * Practical and some basic theory of the game would be taught.
    * New players or those who wish to start the game are ALL WELCOMED!
    * Coaching session can be arranged in house/ apartment, sport centre, school/colleges.
    * Helpful in preparing your school/company team for tournament.

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Hi Stallone, you should post this in Malaysia's Classifieds -> Sports Classes, not in the forum! Thanks

heyy stallone my school in bangsar,kuala lumpur needs a table tennis coach for about 10 to 15 people..i wanna noe if u can do it..btw wats ure price..

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This is an old thread. I would suggest you to post an advert in the jobs in Malaysia section.

It might help you to find a table Tennis Coach for your school.

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can i have a coach at bukit jalil?:D

Hello hong jie xin -> You should post an advert in the Classes section in the Malaysia classifieds. :)

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Interested in table tennis training if in KL.  Pl provide details

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This thread has been inactive for years now. I suggest you drop an advert in the Sport partners in Kuala Lumpur so that you may find a training session.

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