Aerial silks in Saigon?

Hey there,
Does anyone practice aerial silks/fabrics/tissu here? Or does anyone know a good spot to hang them? I have my own fabric and hardware, just need a place to hang them- a strong beam, branch, or hook at least 5 meters high. I'm barely intermediate level but would love to get back into it, could teach some basics. Thanks!


Sure, here are pictures of indoor and outdoor aerial silks setups.

Hey! I know this is an old post, but just wondered if you managed to find anywhere in Saigon that does aerial silks? I am moving to Vietnam in September and do silks, pole etc as a hobby and would love to carry it on over there but can't find anywhere through google!

Hello girls, we do have aerial silk classes now at Vertical Academy, our Indoor climbing gym located in district 2, HCMC.
Looks like there is not yet any other place in VN.
Please contact us through our gym's FB page (easy to find)

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