Moving to Jinan

Hi moving to Jinan on Saturday..  Anyone living on Jinan?? Any advice

Bring warm things to wear :) and any western snacks you can't live without.

Hello Sherena85

Your thread is now on the Jinan forum, I invite you to please browse through threads in that forum to gather as much info to prepare your expatriation.

Where are you from please?

Kenjee Team

Hi I'm from houston, tx.. And you

Hello Sherena85,

Kindly note that Kenjee is part of the expat-blog team..:)

Thank you

Hi Sherena - just got to Jinan myself...did you find other foreigners yet?

Hello, I haven't found many.. What part of Jinan do you live in

hey - I live near Parc 66, or Quanchang Square...let's get together for a cuppa jo or drink sometime if you want...  Got Skype?

I will be moving over in a few weeks, we can meet up if you like!

Hey Tundra - [ Moderated by Priscilla : do not post your personal contact details here ] - hit me up when you're here!

Hey!  Call or text me: **************

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Hey! I moved to Jinan 2 weeks ago. Would like to meet up. I live near Wanda Plaza.


Hi, Can you mail me ur contact details at ***, or please skype me at ***


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Hello, I'm new in Jinan. Any gatherings of expats here? :)

Hi - I no longer live in Jinan, but check this out:
Anghelo, the guy who started and ran it for fours years, left, and now it's run by a Chinese co - but still can be a good start for you...

Hey. It seems to be not active now but thanks anyway;)

Good luck!

I am looking for a american people to talk in English since there are no one who talks in English in JInan. How do you feel about Jinan?

Hey - I have left Jinan now, but you can find foreigners there at:
What do you do in Jinan?

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