Which Vietnamese dish do you like the best ?

I just wonder which dishes make you hungry in Vietnam cuisine ? :)

Spring rolls for sure

Mì Quãng

Mixed rice paper

I Love many Vietnamese dishes. It is hard to make up my mind which one is better for me. However there is one dish that I like base on simplicity but yet not many places can make it well. The dish is Bun Rieu Oc.

Bún chả, Phở gà...

Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang Khô

Mì Quãng is also my favourite. My Việt Kiều wife thinks I'm crazy for making it my #1, but it has everything - the flavours and the textures are amazing!

bít tết... some kind of beef, tomato, onion ,egg, french fries and french bread.

It's pretty damn good where I eat it in Hanoi.


I think they call it "Bo Ne" in Saigon (stand back beef), I've seen heaps of shops selling it but haven't tried it. Will give it a go.... … -back.html

Hanoi has so many delicious dishes. Some of my favorite:
1. Pho at pho Bat Dan
2. Nom at Nom Vi Dung
3. Banh Ran at Banh Ran Goc Da
4. Egg coffee at Ca Phe Giang

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