Moving to ruwais with our dog

Hi there!  :)

It's possible my husband and I will be going to Ruwais for a period of 3 years.
We are very excited because (hopefully) it will be a great adventure for us! But we don't want to go without are best friend 'Tommy'. He is a fantastic dog and it's impossible for us to leave him behind. I would like to have some more information from petowners who live in Ruwais.

- Is it nice for dogs there?
- Is there a beach where they are allowed?
- Can you buy good food/medicins for your pet?
- Are dogs allowed in the apartments?
- Is it easy to find an apartment/house where pets are allowed?

We are a little bit worried that the apartment that my husbands company provides, will not allow pets.


it is nice for doges but not all apartment allow doges .... there are see beaches allow pets...... food for all pets available  if the company give you apartment that mean it doesn't allow only villa it is allow but you can keep it with you in home but if one claim you you have to put it out depend on setiuations

Thanks you for sharing this information.

Are there a lot of people with dogs in Ruwais?
Can you give us the name of the beaches where dogs are allowed?
Are there dogparks where they can run in freedom in Ruwais or somewhere nearby?


no dog park.
people who has doges here limited.
you have to take your dog to the park tied. if you need free play to him you must go to the desert :(  night it might be help.
beaches only one beach it called adnoc beach.

Ok, that's good to know. So we can go to the park/ adnoc beach with him :) Thank you!
It's a good thing our dog really loves the sand if we have to go to the desert to play with him in freedom ;)


there is no much as sand in here xD you are going to stay in a small city in a big desert and thats why UAE is beautiful xD good luck

Hi Liz

can you let me know how you get on with your dog? I am hoping to move over to Ruwais next year and It pains me to leave my dog behind. I had thought about putting him in dog accommodation (if there is one in Ruwais) and taking him out every day. Otherwise I would test the waters out once I am over there. Best of luck with your fur baby.


I be moving soon - with my dog from uk
So any updates appreciated
He is labradoodle & very friendly
I won't go without him
I want a villa for that reason so he can nip out garden for toilet

Hey Paul

can you update me on your experience with your dog once your there? I will be heading out next year  2016  from New Zealand and really want to bring my dog (border collie blue heeler x) with me. Teachers don't get villas so I know I wont getting any accommodation with a yard

Ok I will do ;)
I won't go without him

Were you able to bring you dog?  I am trying to find information about bringing my cat to Ruwais.  Thanks!

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