International type schools

Does anyone know of any international type schools in Gaspar Henandez Or in Rio San Juan?   I know there are two in Cabrera, but looking into the other two towns as well foa a future home for me & my extended family.   The family is bi-lingual & wants to keep it that way along witha an excellent education.   The kids will be 4 & 2 when we move,  Both are girls.   Any information would be of great assistance to us.    Thank you.  Last 2 nights were in the low 20's,  & this is in Florida!!!   It's hard to wait until May for my re-con tor 2 month trip.  Don't forget the cook-out fiesta at max's in Gaspar Hernandez.   Will let you all know the date & time.

What end up happening? We are thinking of moving to Cabrera and we have a 6 and 8 y/o and need a private school that has some English? Did the girls find a good school?

Here's one in Cabrera called Faro de Cabrera.

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