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My name is Eva Siebenherz and I am the initiator of the website  Suchpool GDR citizens suchpool-​ddrbuerger​.de.

In our category "guest worker" we are seeking for an Algerian guest worker.

Maybe someone know him or have some helpful tips how to find him.

We are looking for:
Belk  id, Abdelajalil
born in 1965 in Algiers, Algeria
Wanted by: Herbrich, Antje born 02/27/1980 in Bautzen

About Belk  id, Abdelajalil:
I am looking for my father. He was an Algerian immigrant workers in the former East Germany and worked for progress in Neukirch (Sachsen).
Unfortunately I did not so much information, as my mother do not like talking about it. She tells me not, how and when they have learned to know each other. I have a photo from the year 1978. It was so about 1.5 years before I was born. My mother is Irma Herbrich and has probably ended the relationship with him when she found out that he also had contacts with other women. When she told him that she is pregnant, he wanted to persuade them to have abortions. Then broke the contact, then. It is also not clear whether he was still in Germany or back to Algeria. He is originally from Algiers.

Here is the link to the entire search ad (with picture):

Thank you very much for your efforts, also on behalf of the person seeking for your help.

Eva Siebenherz

hello my dear really when i read ur message i was very sad. i heard that there is  a man who lost his woman in germany he divorced her but he didnt living in algiers capital but he living a small town named zerizer wilaya el tarf just 30 kmrs from to this city. anyway i will ask about him . when i find a new i will send u message and inform u

take care

if you have pitcturs try to get intouch with Tayeb in the bellow link he is Algerian he can help you......I wish you all the best and promisse that I will do my best from my end as well

try it might work if you need translation let me know......;go fo it!!!!

Do you steal searching for your father, if no
can u send me some information, cause the link dont work
im originaly from Chlef 200 km west Algiers, but work in algiers since 2000; i know somes town and some people, maybe i can help

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