Does anyone know police enforcement in Moscow?( fingerprints)

Hello ! Please share if you have encounter or knew how to take fingerprint in a police enforcement . It should be shown his name , rank and chop To where and when it taken.This a requirement for my visa. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hello, you need find this people, they are from "volunteer tourist center city of Moscow" and are happy to support any expat. They sould wear same clothes as on below pictures with letters on t-shirts "Welcome 2 Moscow". It's official website Also try to call this "city sightseeng Moscow center" Also "Moscow Pass" Good dear guests.

Thanks for the reply sir/madam. The link can't be open. Do you mind sending me sms or viber if you havE? or rather send to my email fragee_reducto[at] Do you have a contact of their ofc. Perhaps?

Do you mean in applying for a visa in your own country?

Sent you by mail, please check.

No , its a requirement in Hongkong  police.

I am requesting a police certificate of the country I have worked that above 6 months. One of the country I have worked for the last 2 years was hk. And in complying it. They ask my fingerprint and send thru post or courier.

From where are you applying for this visa? And what kind of visa is it. Visas are normally applied for at the Russian Embassy in your home country, or the country you are currently resident. You should receive full information and advice from this embassy, in your first language.

Confusing. Are you asking for advice for application of visa to Russia or Hongkong. If it's Russia, then the requirements of Hongkong are not relevent. To make it clear. What visa are you applying for?   where are you located now? And where do you you want to go?

Why would she need a visa for her own country?

Thanks for helping. With regards to your question, firstly , I'm now here in Moscow.secondly, the reason  is for my  working visa to Canada as Lcp. In these regard I have to comply the checklist req. One of those is the security checks/ police clearance to every country I have worked above 6 months. Hk req. To apply for police certificate is to have a fingerprint proven by police authentication. and I dont have idea where. I took russian police already and it will be release a month after.

You do not need to have police certificate to apply for a Russian Visa.   Can you try to write your request more clearly in English or Russian so that we can try to help you.


As I have mentioned, it is not for russian visa. its for canada working visa.

I think it will be very difficult to get this document in Russia!

Hello, i also need a full set of fingerprint.. if u dont mind may i asks where u had your fingerprints done? I also need a hongkong police certificate thank u..pls help me🙏

Hello may i know where u had your finger prints done? I also need a set of fingerprints as a requirement for hk police clearance... i hope u can help me🙏😔...thank u so much...

I had my fingerprints taken by the Russian Consul in London...when my visa was being processed....if you have a Russian Consul or Embassy in yoyr city go there or phone them for more information etc....Tartanjim

Hi everyone.. I need your help please.. Is there someone who know how can I obtain a full set of finger print with a sealed, chop and position of police officer who will assist me?

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