The pros of Azores (Pico island) always +10C to 27C but most of the time 16 to 20C and never below +10C. Not cold, not hot. No predators, no snakes, no spiders, no mosquitos, no crime, no taxes for first 8 years.

The possible cons of Azores (with some people) may be:

- Expensive to get to, may cost about $1000 roundtrip
- Too "cold" in summer, or rather not enough heat as it rarely gets over 25C
- No sandy beaches
- Local government keeps it a secret and low profile to preserve the traditional way of life
- Perhaps some people are scared of a dormant volcano?
- Scared of earthquakes, which almost never happen here
- Not enough shopping and eat out opportunities and places
- Too far away from the mainland, a 2 hour flight to Lisbon and a 4 hour flight to Boston (so is Hawaii)
- Not hot enough? Did I mention, not hot enough and no sandy beaches? Oh, I did... :-) So is Bogota, Colombia :-)
- People think this is Atlantis and it may sink again?
- You name the rest of reasons

There are expats here, and Pico island has 15T inhabitants, while São Miguel has over 130T inhabitants. From Pico one can very well observe Faial and São Jorge islands, which are just 6 to 18 km away.

Thank you for sharing this information, CHEMTRAILS.

Shaazia Team

Does it possible to find a job there ?
You can write directly to : alsn2014(at)
Thank you . Bye.

If you want to work for 500€ per month then you may get lucky. Good specialist may work for as much as 800€.

Great thank you.

Temporary job construction, cutting trees etc. about 4€ an hour.

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