Hi all, in the 70's my mum moved to Dublin from NZ to marry my father and began the Irish NZ association which 35 years later is one of the most successful kiwi expat clubs in europe. Ive lived in bordeaux for a year with my husband- im completely bilingual and he will be eventually, but finding like minded men and women our age (30-45) to build contacts with, create art, theatre, celebrate Irish occasions, discover friendships etc has proven challenging and I realised, unlike the amazing Brits who congregate all over france together, we irish strive more to integrate and assimilate but when thats not easy what do you do? I would love to create an organisation here to support Irish expats coming to Bordeaux, welcome newcomers, make friends, celebrate Irish Arts along side the Irish centre Paris and just build something new and different here.

If you are IRISH (NO inapprorpriate contact links please gentlemen) and in or coming to Bordeaux soon and this is something you think might be good, drop me an email!

Thanks, S

Hi Stephanie, I've just come across your post, I'd be delighted to meet up and share experiences. In Bordeaux since November , my husband and I decided to move down from Paris for a better lifestyle, so I'm settling in and eager to meet more people.
Not sure if I can share my email but here goes: lapetiteirlandaiseaparis[at]

Hopefully hear from you, take care and hope all is going well since your arrival.


Hi Stephanie,

My name is David Carthy and myself and my wife are looking into options around moving to France.

Ideally having spent many vacations in the Charente Maritime area we would like to look for employment opportunities in this area, but I know these are limited.

I am a Marketing Degree graduate and post graduate and my wife is a dental nurse and radiographer. I am also proficient in French from a spoken perspective.

I am trying to find websites/ information about potential roles either in my profession and or the option of teaching English full time in the Bordeaux area.

I would be grateful of any information you could provide about Bordeaux and opportunities/ links which might assist in our search.

Kind Regards

David Carthy

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