What Do We Do, Now That Club Correos Is a Goner....

I am travelling to China, and come back in August. If you like to bring any small items, like computer components, phone accessories, please tell me, maybe I can help if having enough spaces. Delivery place would be at Otavalo.

Up until today I had about 10 separate purchases off of Ebay from Chinese sellers that were pending delivery.  Some of these items date back to February of this year.

Well, when basically I had given up on getting any of these items, 5 of them showed up, bundled up. So, I still have hope some of the other items will show up eventually.

I think budget cuts have taken a toll on the Ecuador mail system this past year.  I basically have decided if I am going to order anything off of Ebay, I am going to have them sent to my shipping service in the U.S. and then once I get as close to 4 kilograms possible,  have  the consolidated package mailed here using U.S. priority mail.

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