Filipinos in Mexico! where are you! ??


Looking for Pinoys in this country,..KABAYAN!

I saw many of our kababayans in Mexico city. I saw one while in Acapulco and also in Cancun. A friend told me that there is a Filipino-owned restaurant at Isla Cozumel. We're few and far between, so, I guess there's not too many of us in Mexico.

Hi there. A Canadian friend told me about you.
I am Josh Viernes from Ilocos Norte Philippines.
Nakatira ako sa Mexico City. I used to live in Puebla but I moved recently to Mexico City.
Kumusta ka? I know Tlaxcala malapit lang sa Puebla.

Hi guys! I have a question for you! what type of work do you do and how did you find it? Thanks!

Hi, new kabayan here

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