Al Hussan Training at KSU


I have been offered  a job teaching English at KSU with Al Hussan Training.  I have searched these forums for any information about them and not found much beyond the fact that they have taken over the contract from Edex.
I would like to know if anyone is working with them at them the moment and - if they are - can they give some information about the situation?  Specifically things like accommodation, working conditions, support, reliability, etc.
Thanks in advance.


I also want to know about al hussan. i got offer to work in KSU but really want to know about their accomodation.


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yaspot :


so you had a trip to KSA just because your employer wanted to do interview where this could be done on Skype these days  :lol:  :dumbom:

Yes...why is that funny?

This is not a common practice here. Generally, the interviews are held (after CV is accepted) by main client. These interviews are held using Skype and telephonic as well. And the agent-in-between are open to any questions and queries.

On basis of teacher's post, I would suggest to deal with them only with maximum guarantees.

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Tescher 1970
What happened to you? Why leaving?

Farisha, sometimes it's best not to pay attention to negative comments. Maybe things didn't work out well for her, but may this may not be the case for us, inshallah.



You will share housing with stray cats in the building some cockroaches, ants and other expats
The shower has no stall nor curtain
I was not provided with an oven nor cuttlery
A roof over one's head can be acceptable depending on your needs
As for the rest of info if you need just send me a private msg

Inshallah ....good luck for mafeee moshquellat

Life has no gaurantees
Good luck!

Housing fine. Admin support debatable. Beware of company following saudi labor law because an expat only has rights if you are willing and have the means to fight for justice, salary, rights and what is owed.Sponsors for your visa should be responsible to pay you from the day you land til the day you leave regardless of your situation. This is not always the case. This is fact.

God knows the difference between fact and defamation.

jobseeker1964 :

God knows the difference between fact and defamation.

Facts can be taken to court, defamation is when you make statements you are unable or unwilling to prove.

Such things are not welcome on the forum.

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An irrelevant posting. ;)

Is anyone still teaching in KSU?

Hi, I finished my contract at the end of August this year. I’m more than happy to answer any queries you may have?


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