Will be working in a construction industry in Malabo - im scared


My name is Wyeth, I am thinking of working in a construction industry based in Equatorial Guinea for a few months for a trial period. I'm from Philippines. Honestly I'm a bit scared if I'll move. Any advise.
I will be based in Malabo and I will need to learn to speak Spanish. Any schools you best recommend?

I hope to hear from fellow members here,

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Hello Wyeth and welcome on board

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Dear Wyeth,

Living in Malabo is not that scary, u just have to give it a try.(Moderated: no free ads please + register in the business directory)



well that was an old post, i work in construction as well and i assure you there is nothing to be scared off in EG.

its a great place. Anyways, i hope you had a good time and i hope you still working there. Maybe as civil engineers we could meet

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