Americans Treated Unfairly

Why is it that most Taiwanese think that all Americans are wealthy people?  Most are NOT millionaires ... not even close.  We Americans are usually deep in financial debt and have very small bank accounts.  What really bothers me is the fact that when you want to rent an apartment the price quoted for rent is much much higher if you are American but not if you are Taiwanese.  The same is true for hotel rates.

Believe me when I say, I dearly love Taiwan and it's people.  I so want to live in Taiwan forever.  However, even on my modest 90,000 NTD annual retirement income it's difficult to live in Taiwan as an American because when land lords see American the price goes up.

Hi arnie welcome on board
Keep spirit up,the problem you complain about was a commont and not only in Taiwan but almost all Asians has the same assumptions towards western kind of stereotyped.
give you tips,where ever In Asia if you plan to buy or rent property do ask your local friend whom you trust to do the deal for you  so the saler won't charge you for more


Hi Arnie ,like Bidara said, it's better to ask a local friend you can trust to search and deal this for you, they know the actual price and have methods to find houses very fast.

if you know Chinese there are several local rental website like [link moderated] price is very transparent on it, but noted in my experience not much local renter can speak English.

Welcome to Asia.
This happens all over the region, but there is a cure.
Research local prices by checking prices on local websites.
Same goes for everything else you spend on, from a can of coke to heath insurance.
Think this way - would a local, using his local salary, buy it?
If it's too much for them, you either have rich tastes, or you're being ripped off.


Welcome to the real world;  what you mention happens everywhere to expats / tourists regardless of being american or not.

The locals perception will always be to milk expats and exploit their lack of general knowledge in regards to market prices and local language.

the only way to circumvent being extorted is to make a local friend you can trust or learn the language. 


Perhaps the landlords think that it is company let.  Companies normally have a good budget. As expats, they do have higher salary compare to local hire.

To be fair most Americans, and tourists for that matter, coming to Taiwan have 2-3x buying power of the avg local.

If Americans were only charged local prices, imagine how popularity of Taiwan would increase, prices would sky rocket and the locals would be priced out of their own country.

What you describe is not unique to Taiwan and happens all over the world, especially in far richer countries like US/Canada.  Let's not forget the virtual banking collapse and global financial meltdown not long ago caused by the incompetence, greed and corruption of US banks.

There are just as many examples of this in other countries as well. 

Having traveled a fair amount, I can safely say people are the same all over the world.   The main differentiating factor is culture.  Some value group harmony which can manifest as disingenuous behavior while others value individualism which can come across as self-centered and abrasive.

Thank you for your comments. I run a web site called Eye On Taiwan.  It's a digest of sorts of Taiwan news and information.**

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