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Hello everyone. I am a recently retired single lady who will be in Placencia from March 24 to June 24 to hopefully find a home or small hotel to purchase.  I plan to use the QRP and ship household items at a later date. Can someone recommend a good yet inexpensive shipping company? I need a company near Atlanta Georgia.  I would also like to converse with all who have the time for my many questions.  Okay-one more- may I order from EBay and Amazon and have it delivered to me in Placencia?   Thanks

Get in touch with Michelle Lyons on Facebook. Just instant message her. She has competitive shipping prices.

Lisa May

I assume this is the link to Michelle Lyons in Belize:  There are several Michelle Lyons on Facebook. 

We are using Hyde Shipping as they were affordable, have provided good service and are working with us in our unique scenario.  Here is their link: … loc=belize

My husband and I are moving in May to Gales Point.  Feel free to contact us at taunya[at]

Try MCW shipping based in Camden AL.
Talk with Tina Woodson
Ph# 334 682 9951
thew come to Big creek (close to placentia)
Yes e bay can store your shipping address and ship directly to shipping company and you can pick it up in Belize. Keep invoice for Belize customs. There are deferent rules for exporting vehicles
Good luck

I hope you find a reliable one, I will contact one of my friends who live there to see who he used. at the present I live in snellville, been there a few times, looking too move my self soon.would love too chat, if you care too.

Joseph Boone

Will do - thanks

Thanks so much for your response. I may contact you again.

Hello TaunyaFaye and Spiceman39,

You can also recommend these companies in the Belize Business Directory > Moving services in Belize.

Shaazia Team

Hyde Shipping is the best.  they are out of MIami.  We shipped our things with them.   We rented a uhaul truck and drove it from Atlanta to Miami, unloaded things at Hyde and then turned in the truck.   

You will need a customs broker to negotiate bringing your things in.  We used Ernesto Perrara in Belize City.   

Be very careful about the vehicle you bring if you are shipping in a vehicle.  Tarriffs range from 12.5% to over 80%.   You will probably make the choice after a few trials, to not buy things on-line (Amazon or others) and have them shipped in.  The taxes and tariffs will double your cost.

Looking forward to seeing you.

I used Sterling freight. Flawless move.

For those of us looking for shipping companies, MCW, unfortunately, no longer does shipping to Belize of personal effects, etc. I got the name of an individual from them who does still ship, but I have not been in touch with him yet. I will post here when I find out more about his services, etc.
Any recommendations for a customs broker in Big Creek, if I ship to that port?
Thanks for any help.

I used Tony Herrera 610 4208
tony_herrera4[at] He seems to be ok

I have used Hyde Shipping (comes to Belize city). Benny Torres in Ft.Lauderdale  work for Hyde shipping and is a good contact

Hello, I'm in the village of Placencia now and these prices are outrageous. We can meet any time you like at the Paridise hotel restaurant.

I  have a love/hate relationship with computers - computers love to exasperate me, and I love computers to shovel dirt with, or use as a shim when lifting a house.....A few weeks ago, I copied information about a Mennonite business transporting items from Dallas to Belize each week. Microsoft Word crashed, and I have lost the info to 'the cloud' or somewhere. Does anyone have information on what seemed to be a fine resource (they evidently handle all the paperwork, even delivering to your Belize address)?

That would be Joseph Freight, I believe. I think they're in Dallas and LA, and Easy Shipping is in Florida.

Oh, thanks so much. I am pretty illiterate and don't know how to find a thread, other than it's where the needle is.  in the haystack...... Or. the farmer

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