Dual Residency Saudi/Bahrain

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1. Can Bahraini Residency "Self Sponsorship" be issued while having a valid Saudi Residency ?

2. Regarding health insurance
Bahrain National Life Assurance (“bnl”) :- 150 BD
Takaful insurance :- 100 BD

Are these the cheapest in Bahrain ?

I believe the law states that you can't have full residency in both countries at the same time. Best place to ask is at immigration

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I am in same situation, I was wondering if you can get bahrain residence while already having saudi iqama? Can you please write the procedure, if you could do that? This will be a great help.

what was the procedure? do you have both residencies?

I have Saudi iqama and Bahrain residency CPR. Procedure is a bit long to explain here but why not contact a Clearing agent. They will be able to help you

I will be grateful if you can share with me the details of an agent who can help.

If you have Saudi Iqama ; you can get temporary CPR ( paper CPR not the Card CPR ) in Bahrain but with that you can have a car registered and open a bank account in Bahrain.
If you are a male employee in Saudi and having Iqama and living in bahrain and have lease agreement in Bahrain ; your family members can have Bahrain CPR.

The procedure goes like this :

1 . You must have saudi iqama
2 house rental / lease agreement in bahrain
3 aletter from saudi employer ( agent can give you arabic format )
4 letter myst be chamber from saudi chamber
5 iqama passport and multiple exit re entry copies
6 application form needs to be stamped by saudi employer
7 agent will first apply for family head bahrain multiple exit re entry then after approval CPR approval
8 after that family multiple and CPR process

If you eed a bahrain agent PM me and i will send you

Ali, in that case do you need a sponsor in Bharain? because if your employer is in Saudi you do not have a sponsor in Bahrain... isn't that an issue to obtain a CPR?

This is a VERY old post.  And the poster you are asking the question from hasn't been online in 8 months and is also banned.

And the question you are asking has been discussed multiple times in Bahrain forums.  Use the search button vs. repeating the same question.

But in terms of a simple summary:

1) Saudi Employer gives NOC for Bahrain.  You get Bahrain multiple entry visa and a paper CPR.  This is NOT a residence permit or CPR card and you don't need sponsor in Bahrain
2) Full CPR or Residence is only through:  being sponsored by employer in Bahrain, self sponsorship through purchase of property or setting up your company and having it sponsor you

We have discussed ALL of these options in the Bahrain forum and some topics even have stickies.

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