Dual Residency Saudi/Bahrain

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1. Can Bahraini Residency "Self Sponsorship" be issued while having a valid Saudi Residency ?

2. Regarding health insurance
Bahrain National Life Assurance (“bnl”) :- 150 BD
Takaful insurance :- 100 BD

Are these the cheapest in Bahrain ?

I believe the law states that you can't have full residency in both countries at the same time. Best place to ask is at immigration

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I am in same situation, I was wondering if you can get bahrain residence while already having saudi iqama? Can you please write the procedure, if you could do that? This will be a great help.

what was the procedure? do you have both residencies?

I have Saudi iqama and Bahrain residency CPR. Procedure is a bit long to explain here but why not contact a Clearing agent. They will be able to help you

I will be grateful if you can share with me the details of an agent who can help.

If you have Saudi Iqama ; you can get temporary CPR ( paper CPR not the Card CPR ) in Bahrain but with that you can have a car registered and open a bank account in Bahrain.
If you are a male employee in Saudi and having Iqama and living in bahrain and have lease agreement in Bahrain ; your family members can have Bahrain CPR.

The procedure goes like this :

1 . You must have saudi iqama
2 house rental / lease agreement in bahrain
3 aletter from saudi employer ( agent can give you arabic format )
4 letter myst be chamber from saudi chamber
5 iqama passport and multiple exit re entry copies
6 application form needs to be stamped by saudi employer
7 agent will first apply for family head bahrain multiple exit re entry then after approval CPR approval
8 after that family multiple and CPR process

If you eed a bahrain agent PM me and i will send you

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