Moving to Egypt - safety, marriage, volunteering


I live in canada. I have fiancé in Cairo. I really want to move to Egypt to get married but everyone says it's not safe. My parants don't want me to go there.

Secondly I'm interested in volunteering to do something good for the sake of Allah because I love helping others. Can anyone sudjest anywhere about volunteering in animal shelter, orphanage or taking care of children or seniors?

I'll appreciate the help so much!

Are you serious in your words and confident in this statement

Hello! you are welcome here...Egypt is safe for the foreigners...

1st the places foreigners live in are safe...

2nd Egyptians who protect foreigners more than the Police..

For the volunteering.. when you arrive here, will find many ways for helping... easy to find it...

wish best happiness and goodness for you and your Fiance


don't worry to come to Egypt ... it a big & great country ... all what u hear about the situation here in Egypt at the news ... media.... etc . not totally correct it taking by a lot of magnification.... there many foreigners staying here as u can without any troubles .

finally ,,,check this link ... it is may help u for what u looking for … egypt.html

have a nice day ...... and good luck .

hello ranamoha
I recommend two organizations for that in Egypt
Resala and masr el kheer

Thanks everyone for all your help. Truly appreciate it!

Hey well I live in Heliopolis by the airport and my work is in Maadi by the Nile my kids go to a far school and we live normally
Nothing to be afraid of we are far from issues or incidents that happen
Just come for couple of months and give it a try I bet u will not wanna leave

There are a lot of charities.

But you have to be here to get involved really.

There is one called dar ul fazer behind the arabella compound

Salaam Ranamooha

Are we twins? Do we have the same parents ? Lol. I am facing a similar issue, but my soon-to-be insha'allah fiancee is in the USA until the summer.

PM me if you want to talk some more :)

Hello... did you ever get to egypt? Did you do any volonter   work ?  I live in the states and want to do the some thing . lol  any advice .

it is safe in Egypt, and you can find many NGOs to volunteer i.e Resala

Hi Nancie and Ranamoha,

It's safe now and everything is established once again, unfortunately we still have nose wind for current currency floating against US dollars, while this maybe very helpful and sexy for foreigners with US$ income as the EGP is currently devaluating.

Cairo never sleeps, it has good weather lots of attractions, things to do suiting diffrent cultures.

And you can find business too.

For charity work as a big tranch of the Egyptians are needy so you will find a big span of civil work to do. Willing to elaborate more for any specifics.

Best of luck.

Hello Miss Rana

regarding Safety : I am Egyptian and living aboard for long time and when I return to Egypt I a wondering about safety as you... but in fact .. this country (Egypt) is very safe and safer than any other country I visited before .. but you must take care in anywhere in this planet :)

about volunteering : there is a lot of animal concerned NGOs and most of them for Expat and may be international NGOs as well so you can google there name , address and contact and I am volunteering in many I can introduce you to them.

enjoy marriage and remember Egyptian man is very amiable ..

Egypt is very safe and Egyptian people are very friendly and generous , Best wishes for you and your   partner

Hi Rana, I m happily married to an Egyptian, depend on individual, If you are here email me I want to visit ESMA animal shelters one of these days :) ya

I acturally had to cancel the marriage so I never came to egypt yet :(  but I am still very into about coming but I may have to do it on my own.  I appreciate all the input about the safety and ideas of volunteering.  Inshallah ill be there soon.

Salam Rana
first of all you have to be very cautious about what you need to do and never trust people from the first time you see them or even if they use religion and abuse it and try to rip you off.
you need to know what do you want to do exactly, I know some non profit agencies and still you need define your purpose since its mostly fake, you will need to specify the exact need and work and for what purpose you are doing or going to to
Let me know if I can help

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