Pakistani's In Sao Paulo

I am farooq khan. I am looking to meet fellow pakistani's in sao paulo. I will be moving from the netherlands to sao paulo. I will be renting out apartment close to paulista avenida. It will be great to find some good fellow pakistani people or families in the region. I have subscribed to this thread. If you find it old, it doesn't matter because i will still be able to get your message. So don't hesitate to comment. Waiting for your positive response. I hope you have a nice day.
Hello farooqkhan1,

On behalf of everybody here at Expat-blog, welcome on board. I hope your participation here will be both enjoyable and informative.

To get you started off meeting some of your countrymen in São Paulo this might be of some help: … sao-paulo/

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hi i am faisal from sao paulo and tell me all detail
my email address : faisaltraders.fsd[at]


Faisal i have sent you an email. Please check your gmail inbox.

Thanks james for your help. You are the most valuable member here. I have been reading your posts from quite sometime and they are really helpful.

Hi Farooq.

  Have a nice day. I Dr.hussain from Peshawar. Living in sao paulo. Any help you wish from here can tell me. I will be happy to facilitate a friend from Pakistan .


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Hi Bros,
I am coming to Brazil. How is your experience in Brazil? Did you found job or doing your own small business? Could you all kindly share your experience that how you survive in Brazil?
Waiting to hear from your side guys.

Good Morning !
My name is Renato and I have a hockey team on grass in St. Paul, knowing that the sport is very traditional in your country is an invitation to you and your friends to play with us okay?

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Hi. I am alone here and do not have friends who can play hockey. 1 person can't play against 11 players hahahahaha. I am currently in Floripa. Take care

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