hello, I am looking for news friend in Paris or around Paris

Coucou tout le monde! ^^
Je m'appelle Gloria et j'ai 25 ans, je suis une fille italienne et je viens de m'installer il y a quelques semaines en France, près de Paris où j'habite chez une famille en travaillant comme fille au pair; je suis en train de m'adapter et j'aimerais vivement connaitre des autres filles ou garçons qui habitent dans les alentours, de cette façon on pourra découvrir ensemble les attractions parisiennes et parcourir des bons moments ensemble! :)

Hello everyone! ^^
My name is Gloria, I'm 25 and I'm from Italy. I am in France since a few weeks and I live near Paris, I am working as au pair in a very nice family and actually I would really like to meet new friends and people settled around there so to discover together the wonderful places of the french capital! If you are interested to better know each others I would be really happy so do not hesitate to contact me or to reply to this post, your replies would be for sure appreciated! :)

Hi gloria , i come from indonesia will be moved to paris in april this year , if i have been settled there in paris , will you be friends with me and talked a lot of things.
I just from paris christmas last time (dec 2014) and there really quiet have no acquaintance and no friend :( even if my boyfriend is go to work, it ' s a very boring.
it would be nice if we can Exchanging language n discovery culture
thanks a lot


Hi Angeiccute!
It's a real pleasure to receive your message, of course we can meet up when you will come to Paris, that would be absolutely great!
Are you coming there for working? When exactly? In April I'll be still there so I would really like to meet you and have the chance to go out together, I am sure we can have a lot of fun :)
Moreover I am really curious about Indonesia's traditions so if you are from this country this is just great for me!
I am looking forwad to receive other news from you, if you want in the meanwhile I can give you my phone number, what do you think?

PS. In which city of Indonesia do you live exactly and how old are you? ^^
Speak to you soooon :)

Gloria :)

working? no yet , my goal to Paris to know more about Paris, learn the language and culture to prove to the french embassy because if will get married with france guy (my bf) just on the basis of love.  I dont know when exactly my arrival , but has been confirmed in early april 2015 , after the visa process was allowed in . 1 year i will stay there , hopefully we can share the experience together about each culture, or young life in Paris, acesesoris for gilrs LOL ^^ , fashion style, and everything that we can make fun n laugh :D

Gladly.. ^__^  i will save your phone number , when i arrived there will soon be contacting you, so please give me your phone number or skype name in private inbox.

Im  working and living in Jakarta city . Perhaps foreigners only know Bali because only Bali more popular than another city / province in Indonesia, whereas bali only a small island in indonesia , one day if you want to visit beautiful islands such as Bali, Lombok, Raja ampat, etc i am very glad to accompany you :)
As a sign of friendship , may you receive a prize ethnic that i will bring later :)

anyway im 29 years old (I hope still looks young LOL)   :D :D :D :D

looking forward to hear back soon ^^

greetings from Indonesia.................

Salut Gloria.!
Je suis David enchanté.!
Bienvenue a Paris.!
Je travaille sur Antibes comme majordome, mais je viens aussi souvent a Paris, je ne connais pas grand monde la haut.!!
Alors avec plaisir de decouvrir paris ensemble en ce balladant un peu.!

Hi everybody,

As we are on the Paris anglophone forum, can we please keep it in english? :)

If you wish to talk in french, you may start a new topic on the francophone forum here :


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hello Gloria,

My name is Shruthi and I am from India. I arrived in Paris three days ago and I really don't know anyone here. Would like to explore Paris but going alone in one of the most beautiful cities does not really sound fun, so I'm looking for a friend as well. Please let me know if you're interested. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you!

Hi Gloria,

My name is Sandeep. I am  from India. In general I spent around 7 year in France but new to Paris. So, I am also looking for new friends in Paris. We can arrange a get together with other expats :)

Please let me know if you are interested :)

Hi Gloria, this is apple. Im also new here in France. Arrived here last December. And would love to meet new friends too.

Hello Gloria!,
I just moved here from the US and I am an au pair as well! I am not in Paris, but I am close. If you would like to meet or just chat about life abroad, let me know!


hi all, I am French, I don't live in Paris but come time to time and if anybody needs information, help, advice, learn french or look for new friends, I am here. You can contact me in pm. My pleasure.

Hi I am new hear I am interested u

Hi Sheikh saji > could you please introduce yourself?

[a little reminder: this is not a dating website]

Thank you.

Hi all!

I am Javier, just moved to Paris a month ago. I am Spanish and was living in London before.

Don't know many people in Paris, so I am up to any plan!

Have a nice weekend!

Hello ! I'm Elodie, I'm French, used to be expat in the USA and am currently living in Paris but will be moving near Blois (Région Centre) at the end of April. If anybody wants to visit Paris or la Vallée de Loire, just ask, I'd be pleased to do it with you !
ps : i speak both French and English but I would like to speak English as most as possible.

Hi, I am in Paris and would like to connect with you. I am too interested to make new friends.Where are you now? Can we meet somewhere in Paris.

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