Musicians Wanted

Are there any musicians in the Bandung area interested in jamming? I am a guitarist and into classic rock, blues, Japanese fusion. Tom Petty, Deep Purple, Casiopea, Prism, Satriani, Australian Crawl, Santana etc. Anything not too hard to learn. Just play for fun and to learn from each other. Expats and locals welcome.

If you're living in Bandung then perhaps you might consider revising your profile which now reads:  "Currently living in Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur."   ;)

Sorry Roy, I don't spend much time in this blog site so didn't change it yet. Let me do that a bit later :)

Hello;  I am an Australian living in North Jakarta.  I am attempting to put a blues / rock band together and I need a drummer.  Any help will be welcomed.

I am in bali..ready to play

Dman thanks for letting us know but this thread stopped in 2015, so perhaps no one is playing amymore


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