Does Paraguay allow Dual Citizenship for newly naturalized citizens?

Hi everybody, I am a Canadian Citizen. If I do the legal process of getting a Cedula and then getting citizenship of Paraguay 3 years after the residency, do I have to give up my Canadian Citizenship?

What does the law in Paraguay state?


Apparently dual citizenship isn't allowed. But then again I suppose it depends on the judge and how much you 'pay' but all this is what I've been told. There seems to be a lot of misinformation online regarding dual citizenship in Paraguay.

One thing I will point out, if you look around on the site for citizenship info in PY it seems to be very......quiet or 'hush hush.' No-one seems to know anything about citizenship here it's very strange indeed.

Dual citizenship is alow in Paraguay. As a new naturalize citizen you are allowed to hold your citizenship where you born. Dual citizenship is allowed and for better update information please refer to .... its very nice site to get update information. Hope this info help you

Actually the constitution does not allow dual citizenship.  Answers to this questin are all over the place but as my wife is a Paraguayan, who got US citizenship and then had to "renounce" her Paraguayan citizenship, we have direct experience with it.   But ask a Paraguayan lawyer to get the actual law quoted to you.  You'll meet at least one if you get your residency here.   We did and where we did it was at Migraciones (Immigration Office) in Asuncion.   But having said this, we've discovered that even though that is what the law requires, there is no follow through or procedures in place by the Paraguayan government to double check this.  This results in many Paraguayan's who get a second citizenship (lets say in US or Germany) to just "forget" to go thru the process of renouncing their PY citizenship and effectively then hold dual citizenship.  I would imagine it works the same way for foreigners getting that PY citizenship after living here 3 years.  Our lawyer told us that if we get PY citizenship (we won't bother) we just have to "promise" to give up our US citizenship.  But they'll never ask or check for documentation we did this.    Whole process has nothing to do with "how much you pay or who you bribe".   Although if your stupid enough to offer a bribe, you'll most likely find some lawyer down here who will take your money.


The Constitution says you can't... but there are no laws to enforce it. The most they can do is "strongly suggesting" you to quit the older one.

I am a Paraguayan natural, with an italian passport :)

PM me if you have questions :)

Dear Arfat,

How you can say confidently that dual nationality or citizenship is allowed in Paraguay, its bcs you are living in Paraguay with both passports or you have confirmed by the government officials?

Dear lore,

I would like to salute your transparent and straight forward answer but I have still one confusion if you can solve it please,

I'm a Pakistani national and want to get Paraguayan passport under the government said rules and regulations but one thing confuse me always that Pakistan does not recognized any dual nationality system with Paraguay, so in this case if I would get the Paraguayan passport, would I have to renounce my Pakistani passport or still I could have had the both passports?

Your answer will help me a lot and please take your time to write me back on the following email.

Your sincerely
Rana Masood Bashir
Muscat Oman.

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I believe that is true.  However, I am not 100% sure. 

I was born in Paraguay and became a US citizen.  I did not have give up my paraguayan citizenship, but I am not sure if you do it the other way around. 

Please let me know if you hear a more definite answer.

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