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Hi fellas,

I need to change my break pad and change it at services centre cost lots.. But to change at any workshop always "ma fi muskila" at the end.. Always muskila .. Any suggestion good service workshop around riyad

To be frank I don't trust any local mechanic and that doesn't mean that I trust mechanics at the authorised service centre too. I would suggest you to buy the original parts from the authorised centre and get the repairs done in front of you. Else 99% of the guys are gonna rip you off ur money !! Good luck :)

Go to ThePitStop, They are professional guys and do a good job for a good price.

Right Behind the BMW Showroom on King AbdulAziz Road, Turn right towards tahliya and it's on yoour right next to Rolls Royce Showroom!

Same problem here right now, i have a nissan sunny and have problem with the brake pads, friends told me not to go nissan service center for it will cost you an arm. Does anybody knows the shops in naseem where there is a lot filipinos? I tried googling it but found nothing.

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