Anyone have experience with Shipito mailforwarding from USA


I live in South America, and I want to send a package from USA to my friend in Kuwait.
Here we very often use mailforwarding service Shipito (, because their prices are really good.
I was comparing their shipping costs with other companies, and they seem to be cheapest to Kuwait as well. Anyone has any experience please?


I haven't tried shipito yet but if you want to try another mailforwarding service, I have tried Parcelbound and got some freebies in getting their services.

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I have used few services such as Aramex ( , ,
all of those services assume that you live in Kuwait and want to buy products from USA websites. So they provide you with mailbox in USA. The only thing is that you need to open an account with them first which cost around 35 dollars that is the case with Aramex.

Checkout Postaplus they are cheaper that Aramex and I hear good things about them... you need to check their rates and wither they would allow you to use their service without paying onetime fees for opening an account like Aramex I doubt that they do that they must have an account fees. seems to be a good option its an interenational company that send packages using well know carriers like DHL and USPS. has on year subscription fees which is reasonable and you could benefit from it not only to send package to your friend but also use it around the world.

I hope this helps and if you need any help do not hesitate contact me.

I've also used MyUS, they are good at customer support but they just have high international shipping costs and since they are such a large company they charged fees for everything and were a lot more strict when shipping items internationally; which I did not like.

USPS is the cheapest

Shipito was pretty good few years back when I used it few times, these days they seem to have some problems - lot of unhappy customer reviews and so on. Your other alternative can be MyUS - they are around for a long time, but from what I've heard they aren't that good either - they were basically a reason why Shipito grew. So you're basically left with new package forwarding companies - for example - they use to have great prices and try to avoid the mistakes made by the big ones, the disadvantage is they're not very well known, but I guess it's worth a try - if you're lucky you can have a package forwarding question solved for a long time

I just found Planet Express , their site is . One of their rep told me their rate would be cheaper than anyone out there. I just have to wait by next week for their shipping calculator to be integrated fully so we can see the rate.
One of the rep also told me she'll send the sample list rate of me soon. I'm still waiting but if anyone interested, email them at help[at] for the sample list.

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