Cost of living in Dominican Republic – 2015

Update on pricing:   Almost all fuels just went up in price. A gallon or regular gas is now 172.9 RD.  OR US $3.81 per gallon.    Yup its brutal.

Electricity has not changed in price.
All foods are more expensive.  Some local crops that were effected by the drought are still very expensive: Plantains,  Green Bananas,  Regular bananas.   Other crops like rice have also gone up in price but not as drastically.

Water -  40 to 50 RD per  large bottle, delivered from the local Colmado. Cheaper if you buy off a truck or go to the bottling plant.

City Water - I pay 427 RD per month for a 3 bedroom house city water connection. Inexpensive.

Internet -  20 gb per month 1,020 RD.

Cell phone -  Viva  200 minutes per month and full unlimited data plan 1,030 RD

Servicio of White Rum,  mix at a local dance club -  500RD.  Same Servicio down the road at a local club  450 RD. 50 RD difference is the "niceness" and security difference. Oh and the bathrooms are soooo much nicer.....

View on the Malecon  - Priceless.

Trip up the Teleferico in Puerto Plata -  US 10.

Chocolate Ice Cream sundae at  Burger King - 80 RD.  Yes I had a craving the other day... I needed it....LOL

I suppose you consider chocolate a food group?  :D :D :D

Bob K

Hey everyone!

My name is Pauline and my boyfriend and I are potentially planning to move to the DR within the next couple of years.  This has been such a helpful forum so far and I just wanted to say thanks for that! Haha.

I just wanted to introduce myself for future conversations. :)

Thanks and welcome. Go to the new members thread and introduce yourself there. It will be viewed by many  more people!

Can anybody tell me what is the best price that I can get to fly from Orlando to Puerto Plata ( Cabarete), best month to fly??????

I am afraid you will be at the mercy of American Airlines.  They have stupid prices to POP and we now fly from Santiago most of the time.  Even on American Airlines it usually is hundreds of dollars cheaper for us to fly from there.

Bob K

I just flew round trip on Spirit Airlines from Ft. Lauderdale to Santo Domingo for around $200.00. Then paid another $100.00 round trip for ground transfers from Santo Domingo to Samana.  I though this was extremely inexpensive considering what I've paid in the past to fly into Santiago, which was a 6 hour flight from NY.  Ft. Lauderdale to SD + ground transfers was approx 5 hours and I got to see more of the country.  Hope this helps.

Spirit is an option and they do fly to  Santiago as well which is only a $100 cab ride to Puerto Plata.

Bob K

I can't wait to move from Canada and go from bills at $3/4000 month to much less in the Dominican. I'm just really unsure of where to live and work while down there. I am confident things will work out because I'm going to work my but off to get down there asap!!!!

Whoops...I meant to PM bob k...hi all!  Coming down over Christmas again!  Woohoo!  Looking for a good inverter and batteries...any reputable stores someone could suggest?

Sadly  Tiffany  not only the cost of living is so much lower but so are the wages!

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