best site to learn german language

hi, could anyone tell me the best site where i can learn german language free online.


Hi Jane,

Here is a good website to learn German
I'm Teacher for German

Just ask when u need help

Have a good time


I've used the bbc language site a bit- they've got German tutorials that are extremely basic.

I've got another program from a company called "byki" and it seems decent but I haven't gone very far with it.

the best way to learn the language is speaking with a native and since I have one in my house I've been pretty lax with these other programs :)

I've also started the habit of listening to German language streaming radio stations which helps tune my ear, and after a while I've noticed that I can understand some of the short news reports with a bit of help hunting down word definitions.

Try this:
there is German Radio Live Streaming from all Germany



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Another good one (as a dictionary) is I use it ALL the time for reference.

I've found this site really useful. A German teacher friend recommended it to me:,,2547,00.html

Not going to lie here - I've recently read the article about an online course and it really helped me. Check it out in here:

use Rosetta stone program it is very good

Hi Jane this website will help you a lot i'm also learning german
Auf Wiedersehen !

try :)

I don't know anything about gerrman language...whts the best and efficient with fun way to learn german language...kindly help me towards my career

When I started learning the language, am often at since it's discussed clearly with sample sentences and even audio exercises.

hi !
it depends on what is your native language that you want to learn the German language
If you are Romanian, I can say that is a great online and free resource to study it

If you speak English, is great if you want to start from the alphabet and have word associations with a great pronunciation of German
I recommend Website as a good online resource to learn German !

Good luck !


search at Google..dualinggo you can learn German,Franc,etc...for free.

Good luck

Hi! I am really new in this forum, but I am very interested in! I have been studying for too much deutsch online, but for my economy is not so fine :( but when i really started to learn a very well deutsch was when I arrived to Berlin. I was looking for the best school, and I found this one called ´Anda sprachschule´. I think is the best form to - learn german in Berl
My best regards for all of you  :kiss:  ;)

mein deutschbuch

hi jane,

i am a filipina i live here in germany since May 5, 2013 so i been here one year now.  My first day was german class so i can only say ja or nein i travel alone to the city with only a piece of paper with the address. So i ddnt learn the numbers and alphabet in german i learned  that in advance by myself with books and you tube because im late for two weeks  and after 3 months i could speak a little bit basic german and now for one year i can speak fluently but ofcourse a lot of mistakes in grammatics but with all the people in my neighborhood who are native germans  they try to help me to correct my sentences and pronounciations. For one year i can speak german language but i cant fluenty write and speak english . . . so sad. . but the best way to learn german language is to talk and try to hear anything in german language  das kommt automatisch. .

schöne grüße,

Hi my friends,

I hope you all good health.

Kindly, i want to meet people who can speak German and learn German language, i am a Civil Engineering and i am planing to continue my master degree in Germany or Austria, so can you help me in learning German language in your free time through internet. and how much it will cost me if you please ?

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Hi Jane,
I've looked around quite a bit for "free" language resources online, and you must keep in mind that old saying "you get what you pay for." Right now I am using Babbel. You can "test drive" your first German lesson there for free to see what it's like. 

If you want to access all the lessons in your chosen language, there are several different price tiers.  The most popular appears to be 3 months access for 20 Euro...which isn't bad!  You can work through as much of the material, as quickly or slowly as you like during that time, and you can even get a refund if you think you're not progressing as you should. You can synchronize your material across your laptop and mobile devices too! Pretty cool!

The lessons lead you through common expressions you need to know in everyday situations, as well as grammar and eventually builds up a 3000 word vocabulary.  You are made to read, listen, understand, translate from German to your native language and back. There is even an option to integrate a microphone to work on your pronunciation, though I haven't tried that yet.  All around it's not costly ... give up one other small treat like an evening out to pay for it! ... and so far I am learning. 

Babbel is certainly enough to get you to the point you can have rudimentary conversations.  And if you are just trying to find new words and phrases, try the translation site Babylon. It quickly translates words/phrases across languages, and appears to be pretty accurate. If you need something more face-to-face, you might try visiting the website "***" where there is a short article on German language schooling that offers some more formal "in-the-classroom" options.

Let me know if you try out any of these resources and how it goes for you!
Viel Glück!

There are a few good websites everyone has mentioned. I'm part of the team where you try a different approach - just learn by reading stuff that interests you. You can download a Chrome extension and read newspaper websites or twitter, or whatever. It will help a lot with vocabulary. Check it out:
and the extension here:

Hello there!
i'm using the Duolingo app it's amusing plus educational  :idontagree:

z.B. i use it at android os. is by far the best website in my opinion.

Hi there,

a good friend of mine is learning German at the moment and making unbelievable progress. To get a good feeling for the language he had an interesting idea.

He started with children's songs to get a good feeling for the language and I totally see the point in that. They`re simple, repetitive and easy to understand.

I helped him find the right one and we really like this channel:
German Children's Songs @ Youtube

The singer has a nice and clear voice and the lyrics are in the subtitles so one can read along and understand the relationship between pronounciation and written text.

Hopefully this idea helps other people as well, I start looking for chinese childrens songs now ;) Best regards,

Check out this database of German courses and providers
The Goethe-Institut,

Best wishes,

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