Getting tourist visa - what documents do i need to produce?

hi everyone!im lizel living in roxas city,my boyfriend is living n zurich switzerland,ill jst want someone who can help me in getting a visa,im planning to get a tourist visa and im so curious about i need to provide 6 months of financial statements frm my boyfriend even in the tourist visa??i hope there is someone who can help me with this matter😊☺

Hello leigav

Why don't you ask your boyfriend to see with the required department? This way you are sure to have the best information about the requirements for a tourist visa ;)

Kenjee Team

Hello, Leigav.
Based on my experienced. First step. I took an appointment from TLS.
My husband sent me an ivitation letter with his signature,
his bank account information,
Insurance for my visit for 3 months,
And his photo copy passport with his signature.
Air ticket round trip.
I brought these papers to TLS. With my documents.and Visa payment.
I dont have bank account. So i ask my husband to write
To the canton for DECLARATION OF SPONSORSHIP and send to Swiss embassy Manila.
Easy and simple as long as you are completed all the documents. And follow thier instruction.
3 to 5 working days visit visa.
My fiancée visa is 5 months. Im done!
Bonne Chance!!

hello eljam,

im mae from philippines. can you help me with some information you know please, me and my swiss fiancee from geneva are planning to apply  fiancee visa in october, you mentioned TLS? sorry but what is it? is it better to make it with the agency since im living in cebu, if i ask my bf to send me invitation i will be the one to send it to the embassy in manila and other requirements of my boyfriend that will support me??? are they all in original coppies??? about my requirements for visa are they require a medical for me? NBI, police clearance and others??? please i need your help so i can be ready...

Hello Mae,

I would strongly suggest that you check this link... … _11_en.pdf 

Just copy and paste the whole URL to the whole address field. Everything that you need to know regarding requirements, fee and to do's are on that page. If you have further questions, drop me a message. Btw, the TLS contact center is where all visa applications has to be submitted instead of going to the Swiss embassy (it's a new system) so don't be confused.


Hello Mae,


That is  the TLS page, but the requirements is on the first page I gave you.


Hello Lizel

Have your boyfriend been to the Philippines already, better yet, have you seen each other in person already? I'm asking bec if you haven't seen each other in person yet and your first point of meeting is you coming over here then I'm telling that there's a big probability that your application for touist visa to Switzerland may be denied. If the answer us yes, let us know.


Hi wildlife,

Thank you for all the infos,
I am waiting now for my fiancee visa approval hopefully...

My fiancee already sent our records to the immigration office..
Im so nervous for the result...

Thanks again :)

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