Looking for Filipinos in Tunisia

Hi , yes what do you need ?

Hi Good evening;

I'm Angelie , I'm planning to visit Tunisia next month if luckily the Visa is approve.
Is anyone can help me or can tell me what's the requirements to apply the Visa? I'm living in Cebu City Philippines.

Thank you.

Hi Angelie,

Requirements are simple, you  need to apply to the visa in Indonesia,  you have to ship your passport via LBC to the following address:

Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia
Jl. Karang Asem Tengah Blok. C5 No.21
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950

Phone : +6221 52892328/29
Fax       : +6221 5253123 

requirements fr the visa:

Visa Procedure  Required documents and fees
- Completed  Visa Application ( see attachment down) 
- 01 color ID Photos with white background (size 4x6) to be pasted on the top of the application. Photograph must show the full face.
- Copy of the Main page of the passport, which must be valid at least for the six next months, from the supposed date of entry to Tunisia.
- Employment Letter (mentioning the reason and the date of the visit)
- Invitation letter from the Tunisian side (organization, company); stating the reason and the date of the visit- Flight and hotel reservations. - Copy   of   the   Alien   Registration   Card,   for   Foreigners   resident   in   one   of   the accreditation Countries.
- Visa stamp fees: 15 US$,   
if the applicant requests a sojourn between 01 and   07 days.
If the projected sojourn in Tunisia, is between 7 and 90 days, the visa fees will be 50 US$.

 Important notes:
 The   collected   fees   are non-refundable regardless   of   the   outcome   of   the application or if you withdraw the application after submission.
 Visa fees and return mail expenses, should be handed over to the embassy in cash or for the applicants who live abroad, the fees should be transferred through   Western   Union’s   Money   Transfer   Service   under   the   embassy’s secretary name : Agnes Erlisa Sarianto Submission and collection of visa:
- Required   documents   can   be   forwarded,   in   advance, to   the   Embassy’s   email,   as mentioned below:Email   :  atjkt[at] / tunjakarta[at]
-     Once the requested visa is approved (you will be informed by email or phone), the original  passport(s)   should be   presented to   the Embassy, either directly or by courier,  to the provided Embassy’s address:

visa template: … 1pPZzJTVDQ … WRfdkxmUU0

Thank you so much wadja this is a big help for me.

Have a great day🙂

hello i am looking for new friends here in tunisia i am from philippines ..Filipina i live here for 3 years i just want somebody to speak with thanks so much :) have a blessed day

hello angelie are u already in tunisia?

is somebody here know how to send money in ph because i have daughter in ph thanks so much for your answer.

i agree on u not all are good here so pls be very careful...i live here for 3 years

Hi ,
I work in the Philippines, but my family are living in Tunisia, I can give your family here the same amount that you can give it to them there in local money. That s the only way , because in Tunisia, you cannot send Money abroad. Some of our friends are doing that with me already

really u live in philippines?where u from?

okie..where do u live in ph ?and where did  ur family live here in tunisia because i am here in korba.

Im sorry to hear of what happened to you & your son. I am also a Filipina married for 23 years now to a Tunisian man. Our son will be 22 yrs old this July 2018. As you said not all Tunisians are bad. Me & my husband had a share of ups & down too but we stayed committed. Or maybe i was very lucky to find a loyal, responsible & good Tunisian man. The secret of our marriage is that we support each other, love & respect each other too.
As you said your hubby is in Tunis working while you are in the Philippines well your situation is very difficult. LDR is a very hard relationship unless both of you are really committed to each other. If he divorce you then be strong and move on for the sake of your son. I know it is hard but it will be harder if you keep hanging on him to come back to you when he loves another woman same as his nationality. They are together in the same place while you are far. It is not fair for you & your son. 
Btw i met my husband in Abu Dhabi too and we are still here in UAE. I thought before that im the only woman married to a tunisian as i never met a filipina-tunisian couple.
Just be strong and try to move on. Love yourself. It is his lost not yours. God bless.

Hi, i just want to ask, are you already in tunisia?

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