Changing visa status, from visit to employment pass


Basically I am from India, now I am staying in kuala Lumpur in visiting visa. Actually we are four guys, and we now paid Rm11000 to the agent for the permit for one is  professional pass and other three are manufacturing permit, Now they are telling we can skip the medical test with 250Rm for each. I don't know its legal or not.
And the agent is also offering the job for us. So still we are waiting for the permit.

And the question is can I change my visiting visa to professional pass or manufacturing visa?

And they are asking 2400RM  for all to pay for JP also.

what can I do for getting professional visa?
and also I am looking for a job in Penang. I dont Know its easy to get or not.
My profession is Electronics based jobs, and I am completed Msc. Electronics and Communication. I have 2 year experience in embedded system developing.

Pls help me to get a good advice.


You have overpaid for visas..those are called flying agents and you cant even be sure u will get a visa..JP visa are only 500rm per person.  The only legal way to get a working visa here is if you are hired by a company and they appy a working visa for you

hi dear,

Tank you for your replay, the agent is offering the job also in Penang as assistant engineer for me and as technician for my friends also. We paid 4000 for professional pass and 2000 for manufacturing visa also, and 1000 for the medical skipping. I don't know the medical skipping is legal or not. is it legal?


Sorry to say..but whatever the agent is doing is illegal. You dont need to pay that much for visas!  Hope you get the visas though

Its okey. Thank you for your valueble reply dear.

Anyones known good consultancies hiring the candidates to IT , electronics or semiconductor based jobs?
Pls give me a reply.

I have to suspect the RM250 to skip the medical exam is cost of forging the paperwork or bribing the immigration official. Both highly illegal and will get you deported if caught later. This whole situation sounds very unethical and illegal, hopefully it works out for you.

Hello Gravitas, my question is regarding cancellation of my work permit, I'm a engineering professional but my company has given me temporary employment pass, and my company is a manpower services comp now they don't have any openings so they are not providing me any job and not paying me as well now I got a job by myself in a MNC but this company is asking for EP which I don't have so I want to change my temporary employment pass to employment pass for this process I should cancel my current visa and go back to my country stay until the cooling off period and then I can apply for EP, but now my current company is not willing to cancel my visa and they are not paying my since last 6 months I don't know what to do next, can you please suggest how can I cancel my visa and go back and my company also holding my passport.

I think it's totally unfair to describe KL as a "rundown city" when it's actually a most progressive metropolitan city that's much larger than Singapore. I was here in 1997 for a tour, that was before Petronas towers was completed. When I came back here in 2006 for a work assignment, I could hardly recognize it due to the tremendous progress it had undergone.

One of the signs of continuous progress is infrastructure, another one is  construction and property development. KL boasts of the Discovery Channel featured  "SMART tunnel"  which connects the southern part of the city to the city center and cuts the travel time by 80%. What makes it smart is that during rainy reason, it doubles up as stormwater tunnel to solve flashfloods. SMART actually stands for Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel, and it is the world's longest multipurpose tunnel at almost 10km. It was awarded by the UN as an innovative and effective stormwater and traffic management especially during peak hours .

On the other hand, malls and condominiums are sprouting everywhere. I am essentially living a mall-to-mall lifestyle, I live in a condo on top of a mall and work in an office adjacent to a mall which is located 15 minutes from my residence.

What I'm citing are just a few examples to prove that KL is  hardly rundown. But don't just take my word for it, you gotta be here to see for yourself. Jobs are not difficult to find, and there are always jobs the locals don't want to do so that companies are left with little choice but to hire foreign staff. I work for an MNC that hires foreigners everyday, and it now employs 17 nationalities. In my team, there are 6 nationalities and only the team leader is local, and she would rather hire foreign experts for the kind of work that we do.

So yeah, KL is worth checking out. Happy holidays!

I'm already in KL. Whenever I face any interview, the employer becomes impressed. But when they know that, I'm in tourist status, they start ignoring me the way, as if I were a ghost! What to do? How to get a good job or pass?


Theres a lot a smilliar stories regarding this visa applications and status.

The best is to check on your application with anyone who has access to similiar profession.

If you sent a copy of your passport. Im sure they could update on your processing status.

A lot of companies are too small to employ foreigners  so that is why they suddenly drop you. Or they have used up their quota of foreign hires so also can't hire you. Other rules mean they have to advertise the job locally and fail to get any applicants before they can, depending on their incorporation structure, offer the job to a foreigner. There are currently many unemployed graduates, so jobs are going to them first. Of course they may also not realise you are Indian as there are Malaysian Indians. So make it clear on your CV that you are Indian and would require sponsorship for an employment pass.

New rules came into force in September 2016 that even if you find a job you have to exit Malaysia and wait for the immigration application part 1 to be processed before you can enter Malaysia and complete part 2.

Only apply to very large companies that have MSN status. (Have you checked out Emerio - if you are looking for IT sales support-type jobs?)

Hi tasmina..

Saw ur old post..

Im indian...and at present looking out on means and opportunities to look out for a job and settle in malaysia...

Have u managed to get a job out there...

Pls  respond..

Who are the main authorized person for they are change my tourist visa in work permit in legal advice and legal processing fee.
Second wher is Visa office in Malaysia.
Thanking you
Surender Kumar from India

The Employer has to apply for an employment visa.

You have to be outside Malaysia during this time.

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