New members of the Norway forum, introduce yourself here - 1st quarter of 2015

Hi all,

Newbie on the Norway forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Norway if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi, my name is Tj. I'm a Kenyan dating a Norwegian and we're planning on getting married hopefully this year if all goes as planned. I'm a filmmaker by trade and have lived and worked in Cape Town for 3 years. I now currently live in Nairobi, Kenya.

Hi im from Slovakia and im in Norway for 3 month, im looking for job best for me will be in Stavanger if anybody know about any job please let me know my email adress is nika2277[at] ...i can do anything thank you.

Hi all!! I'm Javier from Madrid and i'm looking for a job in Oslo. Firstly i'll stay for 5 months beginning in February and then will see. I'm electronics engineer but i can work in many jobs. Ask me!!

Hi Oslo expats!!!
My name is Silvia and I'm planning to move in Oslo in May with my fiancé, Luigi. We're from Italy.
We are already looking for a job, a flat and taking our first norwegian course.
I'm experienced as a salesman assistant and production planner in fashion market... my better half has a long experience in small hotel managing and as a chef.
I hope these new chapter will be amazing and scary as it seems :-)
Contact me may you have suggestions, ideas or just to meet there!!
Silvia (and Luigi)

hi..i am new in this name is Farhan ,i am from profession i am physiotherapist and have applied for authorization in norway.please guide me about this forum and whats the importance about this forum??

Hello Farhan and welcome to :)

As the name indicates, is a forum for expatriates and future expatriates to get in touch, exchange information and help each other where possible. If you have any questions about expatriation to Norway, feel free to ask them on the Norway forum.

Shaazia Team

Hello, I am Rodrigo I am  a 24 year old Mechanical Engineering Designer here in Colombia. I am attracted to travel to Norway to get to know the country and get my masters degree. I am learning Norwegian on my own but I would like to share practice sessions with anyone jaja!! I also run competitively here in Colombia (Marathons) and cycle ocassionally. I also play Acordeon Vallenato (Vallenato Accordion)


Great story, I love Kenya. I will love to go train in Iten with the greatest runner in the World.

Hi,I am Elton G.Gongbaye,student of the William R. Tolbert College of Agriculture & Forestry,to be precised University of Liberia.I want move to Norway due so many circumstances in my country, Liberia.I ever know a Lady who worked with the United Nation Mission in Liberia (UNiML).Her name is Anne Louis Oxseth,a Norwegian Police.If get on Facebook you will know much about her when in Liberia.Thanks

Hi , I'm Felicia and had been to Norway 3 times on a tourist visa. Im now engaged to my Norwegian fiance and we are gonna plan to move back to Norway soon. Looking forward to know some tips and advises on the procedures to move to Norway.

Hi, i am Maynara, i am brazilian and  my parents lives in norway and my fiancee is norwegian, so we are planning to marry this year if UDI let us ofc hehehe....
I have been in norway many many times, since my stepdad who is norwegian adopt me and so i am a "half norwegian " then....hope you advices about fiancee visa and i want know about ur cases..

Hi all!! My name is Happy rawat & i m from india. Too much interested to work in hotels for f& b service in norway if there is any vacancies please please contact me at

Hey hey!  :top:

My name is Val I am from Angola and I been living in Stavanger for 8 months for job purposes... It has been an interesting experience... I hope to make many friends while I am here  :D

Peace! ;)

Hi, I'm Lanie. I have a boyfriend in Trondheim, and am looking to stay there for the summer. I'm hoping to find a job from June until September. I have experience in teaching, childcare, and nutrition counseling and education. Please contact me if you know of anything available.

Hi Everyone

Quynh is my name. Ninh Thuan province where I borned and grew at Viet Nam. I really like to live and work in Norway in a long time. Im looking for an Au pair job at here.

Everyone know information about Au pair job at Norway, Please inform me


Best Regards

Hai Quynh,

I am AHM Kholiluzzaman from Bangladesh. I would like go to Norway & like to do a job there for a long time.



Hi Kholil!

Do u find a job in Norway yet? Im applying an Au pair at there and hope will come Norway soon.


Hi Quynh,

No, Yet I did not get any job at Norway. Till I am in Bangladesh & doing job here. I am looking some  one to help me like a friend to find a job in Norway & arrange a VISA for me.


Sincerely yours


Friends cannot arrange visas for you. Only employers can do that. Unless you have qualifications that are needed for visas then you will not have any luck getting into Norway.

I am an Indian IT Professional being deputed to Norway for a project for a minimum period of 1 year. I found the members and responses on this forum very helpful and hence I am going to post a query(s) as well. Please help me.

rishikant :

I am an Indian IT Professional being deputed to Norway for a project for a minimum period of 1 year. I found the members and responses on this forum very helpful and hence I am going to post a query(s) as well. Please help me.

Need to know what it is you are after before we can assist

I'm a Nigerian, I live back in my country. I'm so determined to contribute my quota as a house keeper\au pair in Norway. Pls any interested person should contact me on my email: uniqueson008[at] Thanks

I am Sophie. I am French living in London for 2 years and planning to move to Oslo at the end of the year.
I am looking for people who are already living in Oslo and how can share their experience. That would be very helpful! Thank you all :)

I wish to be a friend, but I'm far. I also wanna be in Norway... Pray for me to come over. Greetings

My name is MK I am an American looking to move to Norway to be with my boyfriend :) Been hitting a lot of walls since we do not wish to marry just yet so getting residency has been tricky.
Nice to meet everyone ^^

Hi! I'm Francis, currently residing in Nigeria. Hoping to move soon, God willing to Norway, Stavanger to be precise for studies. Anyone in the house who could give me an insight on what to expect and other experiences? Thanks!

I don't regard myself as an expat since I have lived in norway since I was a child.  I just signed up because I like reading stories and meeting people from my country of origin.  I am still a student, born Zambia but namibian by blood.

Hello my name is Russ.  I am married to my beautiful wife here in Norway.  Let me tell you it has been a roller coaster so far with paperwork and stress figuring out everything. And still trying to figure stuff out..

Hi my name is Brell Bikouya, I'm from the republic of Congo. After spending 5 years in Cape Town (Republic of South Africa), I'm back in Congo. I'm actually working as an offshore Assistant material administrator in Congolese sea, where I use to meet some guys from Norway and we discuss about our different cultures. I'm really interested by adventures about Norway and I'm planning to visit the country.

fiance visa approved for only 3 weeks..
Hi, im kreng.. :D

Hey MK!

I've been hitting those walls all month. I'm in the same situation as you, dating a Norwegian but don't want to HAVE to get married to stay here. I did meet a gal from New York last week who got an Aupair visa, so that's an option. Anyone with any additional tips, lemme know!

Hey, I'm Franco-Kenyan, currently living in France (Montpellier) and moving to Norway in August, When you move to Oslo it would be great to meet with fellow foreigners in Norway !

Hello.. im jennifer. I am a nurse by profession but I am practicing as a teacher.
I am a registered nurse and a licensed teacher. I am currently a public secondary school teacher.
I am actually contemplating of moving to norway particularly in Oslo.
I am a little bit reluctant though because I do not have any friends or relatives in Norway but I am willing to take the risks.
I plan on visiting Norway while looking for a probability of finding a job as a teacher particularly as a special education teacher as I have a master's degree in special education.
Hoping that anyone out there can shed a light as to whether I will be doing the right thing of moving my career to a higher level.

Hello my name is Kamal,
I am planning to move to norway to live with my wife there. She is a native Norwegian citizen. She cant invite me to Norway as she dont have the income criteria specified by UDI. I have been to norway once couple of years ago for 3 months and since then I have been doing jobs as a Snr. PHP Web Developer in my homeland. I have been looking for a job in my related field in websites but it seems like its hard to get a job not knowing norwegian language. I was thinking of applying for job seekers visa to get there and in some threads of this blog I found its rather disappointing. I dont have a clue what to do. I would be very glad if anyone can show me the way.



I am actually a Norwegian, recently returned after some years abroad. Settling in and looking for new friends


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