How to get a job In Japan?

May i ask help from any one to answer me?

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May be some more details about the kind of job you are looking for, might help us to guide you through out your search.



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I am a carpenter living in Sri Lanka. I have been trying to find a job as a carpenter here for about 5 months now and cant find anything. I speak a little Japanese. I have herd of people coming from other country's as carpenters to work here as a group but have never found any information on anything like that. If anyone has any information please tell me I would really like to know. I have tried getting into Japanese companies but since I don't speak fluently they don't want me to work for them.
Phone number  +94771021500
Email akilasrilanka1[at]

Did you go to hello work ?

The website doesn't seems like it is catered towards foreigners.

Please learn Japanese language, if you want to get a job except English teacher in Japan.


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hello work is made for Japanese citizens. I do not think they have English website. I've seen foreigners working in service industries. but they spoke fluent in Japanese. you just have to get a job at foreign based company. as long as you have higher education degree and speak good English they might hire you.


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This is my opinion.

You guys have Visa issue, no Japanese traditional company familiar with getting a visa for foreigner. Most of Japanese people cannot even speak English at all. They might know ABC but they know because the company request it, not willingly. Maybe in Tokyo perhaps, not in other province. But most of the Japanese people look for job in Tokyo, why do you think the company look for someone who cannot even speak local language. If you want to work in Japan, you need Japanese skill. You need to prove yourself to worse hiring then local Japanese people who has same skill as you. It's all about skill. If you don't have the skill, then find somewhere else.

However, We do have an issue with losing men power at construction site. so they are bringing people from undeveloped country like Myanmar but only three years of period. Or I heard that there is a job at nuclear waste at Fukushima. I heard they paid good but you going to get radiation for sure.

If you are looking for job as not having necessary risk yourself, you need following things
MUST graduate University
Under 30 years old, even normal Japanese having an issue with over 35 years of age.
MUST speak Japanese, not necessary to write Japanese but able to type prefer. the company loves writing a report.
MUST have necessary job skill set. If you are looking for IT, you need at least 2 or three years of experiences.
I know that some of Japanese IT companies doesn't care about the Japanese language at all but they have enough skill set.

I'm a female Dutch nationality who has been living and working in Japan mostly in Tokyo for the last 21 years so what would you like to know and what type of job are you interested in ?Keep in  mind sponsorship for work, visa and housing is in most cases necessary .

My cooking experience a 15 years am specialist indian cuisine / Tandoori / South Indian / Chinese / continental / sea food / banquet specialist
Am searching jobs for Japan
How I apply for the progress jobs

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I would suggest you to create your CV in the Jobs section- Chef job offers in Japan.

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Hello, Airen, seeking for job in Japan , like Nanny, housemaid, factory worker,or else..

For those of you looking for a job in Japan you are welcome to place your CV in the jobs section of the forum at the top of this page.
A Google search may also assist you.  You must be proactive and start looking and not depend on someone else finding work for you.

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toyokuline :

we are looking for staff
please visit us in chiba
or mail to : toyokuline[at]

If you are looking for staff then please post a free ad in the jobs section at the top of this page.
Please make sure the ad fully describes the job so that members can then make an informed decision about contacting you.
Thank you.

i want to work in the office or manufacturing.. can you suggest me or help me find one ..Thanks


for those seeking for an employment in japan or looking to offer a post, i would suggest that you post your searches in our Jobs section.

Refer to the link below for more precision.

> Jobs in Japan

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