Anyone interested in making home-made cheese?

I am making home made cheese, mainly Gouda type cheese, purely as a hobby. Is anyone interested in joining me? No financial participation is needed: I have all the equipment and ingredients. I just think it would be more fun to do it together than alone. Currently I'm making wheels of 2 and 4.5 Kg.
See also:

If interested in other projects, such as PhotoVoltaic solar energy and Geothermal cooling, then that would be perfect. These are projects in the planning.

I speak English, Dutch, French, German and Thai. I am living in Najomtien, Pattaya.

If interested, pls let me know.


Hi Eric
Jean here ...
U send me a mail.
When can we meet?
This is my number xxx
See you soon
Jean Yves

Hi Eric,

We are neighbors- I live in Jomtien Beach. Cheese is one of my very favorite foods and the thought of learning how to make it is most interesting. I am from the States and have lived in Thailand for 24 years. My mobile # is xxxx and I would really like to hear from you.

Hello Eric and Good Day to you,

I also have similar interests as you re:-
Cheese and Solar Cells,
Please drop me a hello in my email as i do not have a mobile at this time in Pattaya, I also am near by in Jomtien, closer to lotus on hwy. love to hear back from you and catch up some time.
Best Regards Jacky

Hi Eric, sounds good to me, i loved cheese Gouda one of a kind. Every time I visited my family in Belgium they always make sure I have all the different kinds of cheese and of course a bottle of wine on the table. Actually I discovered in the Philippines cheese ice cream, my favorite now.
Let me know when are you planning to start cheese making. I just joined the few days ago and wanted to go back to thailand again in Jan, I was there last sept and I really liked the place.
Beside cheese making maybe you can give more info about  living in thailand.

And I lived in Bristol UK (near Cheddar) the HOME of all things west-country Cheddar.  Also Bristol is home to "Wallace & Gromit" the cheese loving plasticine characters - So its in my blood!

Irrespective of health/hygiene regulations, Thai food licences and what-not, you could make a fortune on starting a black market cheese emporium! The cost of cheese in Thailand has never ceased to astonish me... 

Unfortunately I have no time with my business to join-in, but it sounds really interesting and if you have any 'surplus' I would buy it to help towards your ongoing costs - And I know many other ferrangs who would too!

Good luck.  Great idea Eric.

Hi Eric,

This sounds great! I have wanted to learn how to make cheese for years, and would love to come learn from you and help out in any way.  I am mostly free on evenings and Sundays because I work, but I'm sure we can work something out.

I recently moved to Pattaya for work as and Engineer.  In my previous job I was directing R&D at a small Solar PV company in California, and in general I am very passionate about alternative energy.  I look forward to meeting up and some good discussions!

I know this is an older post, but even if you're not making cheese right now, please give me a ring and we can be in touch.


mobile: xxx

Dag Eric,

Ik ben net terug van Pattaya en ben al een tijdje opzoek naar een job daar in de buurt!
De bedoeling is dan ook om definitief te verblijven in Pattaya!
Stuur eens een mailtje wat het juist allemaal inhoud Eric. zodat we mischien verdere plannen kunnen bespreken.
Ik zelf ben chefkok van beroep dus ik weet nog enkele dingen van de kazen!

Alvast badankt,

Goessens Kennetn

Hello Goessens Kennetn, Welcome on the forum

Can you please post in English in the Anglophone forum, so that other members can understand and eventually participate.


Hi Eric,

Your post sounds really you have a new project coming up we would love to attend.


Hi Mosaicjourney,

I'm in Phuket right now until the end of the week. for some more info about me and my latest project: curing meat and making French-style dried sausages. You will find a link there to my Flicker account with more pics. Since I use FaceBook, my website is not well maintained, so you can find me on FB under "ericvercauteren" and send me an invite if you wish.

Take care and talk to you soon,


Hi Eric,

Cool site! Unfortunately I do not have a facebook account...hope you will let me when you are planning another event!



What a fantastic hobby and post -

I'd love to learn all things Cheese & Electric.
Its just a shame you down there in Pattaya - I'm in Bangkok at the moment - but can happily drive down for weekends and see what you are all up to. Sounds Great!

PM me with any upcoming events you may have - and i will also add you to my FB acc.

Great work Eric - Making Electric Cheese
Thumbs Up!

All the best

Would be very interested in the cheese and your other hobbies
send me an email with more info:)

Hello Eric, how you doing? I am george Greek expat living in Thailand would like to know more about your cheese.
Thank you very much, George

Hello expat Canadian  from the Caribbean , now living Naklua , and would enjoy the chees process !! Lol thanks Paul

He is promoting books for sale about making cheese. Etc

is this activity still active?

Haven't been making cheese for quite a while. Made several cured meat products instead like salami, French style dried sausages and even a whole ham, which tasted excellent after curing for 6 months. Here is a link to some pics:
Lately I've been playing around with solar projects, including converting a Yamaha outboard motor to electric, on which I'm currently working.
Just having fun.

Hello Eric,

Thank you for replied and i'm new member in this website,i already live and work in Pattaya for 3 years,i always looking for some interesting activities with group of people when i have some free time or in my day off.

I visited to the link you gave me and picture look really interesting, i also want to ask that you still open the course teaching how to made cheese or salami?

Thank you.

Sorry, but I never gave courses in cheese or salami making. Just did it for fun and to enjoy the results together with friends.

Take care,


Hello Eric,

That's what i mean,well if you start work on it again can i join in? i'm really interested to made cheeses!

Thank you.

Will keep you posted if I do. 👀

Take care,


thank you :D

Hello Eric
Yes l am interested in learning cheese making .
l own a home near Khon Kaen but live in Pattaya ,  and once owned a resturant here. wish l knew you then.
l am originally from England and have lived in Thailand 8 years .
Also have an interest in Solar too.

Hopefully l will hear from you and l will call over to see you


Hi Eric,

My name is Michael. I am from Canada and I have taken an interest in your post. Would it be possible for us to meet sometime? I live in East Pattaya and would be delighted to met you and learn and help with the making of Cheese. I see you have quite the following here. You may contact me.

Hallo Eric,

I'm German. I do Camembert in Pattaya.
would like to know more about your cheese production.


Hi Thomas
Eric did contact me to say he would be back from holidays around the 10th Oct
I too am interested in learning the craft
In the meantime if you have time to spare maybe we can get together and perhaps you can show me whats entailed with your cheese making ?


Hallo Eric,  Ik woon in Khon Kaen, kom uit Nederland, maar woonde 12 jaar nabij Antwerpen.
Ben gister begonnen met kaas maken.

Lijkt me leuk om kaas met je te maken en ook je andere interesses lijken me wel wat.

Mijn verleden kn je zien op Wikipedia - Han Meijer, manager. Daar staat wat ik in vroeger jaren deed.
Stilzitten , valt me moeiljk vanr mijn interesse.  groet van Han

Hi Han,
Ik woon al lang niet meer in Pattaya. Sinds eind 2013 woon ik in Phuket. Ik maak nu vooral Franse stijl gedroogde worsten, salami en dergelijke. Kaas maken is hier een probleem omwille van het feit dat ik hier geen rauwe melk kan vinden.
Je kan me op Facebook onder "xxx" of "xxx" vinden (denk ik, met een foto van mij, met gitaar, in 1976 als avatar). Daar kan je wel een paar foto's vinden.
Mijn email adres is xxx. Als je je email adres doorstuurt kan ik je wat foto's doorsturen, ook van de kazen die ik maakte.
Ik kijk er naar uit een email van jou te ontvangen.
Tot dan,

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