life on the island for my baby and I.

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of finalizing my move to Provo. My one month old daughter and I will be joining my husband who recently moved there to work as a manager at a top resort on the island.

I am interested in life on the island for my baby and I. Particularly things that can get us out of the house and socialize and activities for young children.

Hi Mandam,

I moved out to Provo from London UK in October last year, with my husband who works here now. I'm a mum to be (baby due in March) so I haven't experienced that side of life here yet but from the mums I have met and spoke to there is a big community of mums here especially of ex pat mums. There's baby and toddler groups, swimming, dancing, sports clubs for little ones and groups on Facebook. So quite a few opportunities to get out and meet other mums. The island is quite small so everyone sort of knows everyone so that is another way you can meet people. 

We are still adjusting and settling in to life out here, but if you have any other questions please do ask, I used this forum to do a lot research before I came out.

Take care

Thanks so much Candy1985!

First of all congratulations on your soon to be little one :)

It makes me feel so much better that there is such a great community. My husband's last location was so remote I almost went crazy with the isolation and I'm happy there is so much for my little girl!

Are there any specific Facebook groups that you know of that would be helpful? Also have you gotten any baby items yet? I have everything here in Canada but will need to get baby furniture out there.

Thank you again for reaching out to me.

Thanks, No worries I know how daunting it can be when you are relocating.

The Facebook groups I know of are : 'Moms club-TCI' - this group has lots of info about activities for mums, babies/children.

'TCI Buyers/Sellers Virtual Garage Sale on Facebook' - This group is as described a virtual garage sale with people buying and selling any ANC everything from cars, boats, property, clothes etc. You can also get general info about the island from this group.

'TCI Buyers/Sellers Children Stuff' - this group is as above but for children's items.

You are limited on the island what you can get for children, there are a few shops but my advice would be to bring as much as possible with you as selection is quite limited or you may find it more expensive as it has been imported in. There is a company (Island Bargains) that will handle shipping things in from the US for you, this is who i intend to use for the larger items for my baby. Smaller items I have ordered from England and have got family over to post to me. You can also get some good bits second hand and new through the Facebook children's garage sale .

I hope this helps.

Hi MandaM,

Welcome to! :)

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Not sure if anyone still checks this who is living in Turks and Caicos.  I am going on vacation with my family there and we have been there several times, this will be our first time with a baby though.  We rented a place through VRBO and the owner only has a rock and play.  I have tried to find a crib rental place on the island and all I can find is a place called Happy Na (which seems to no longer be in business).  does anyone who lives there have any ideas of where i could rent a crib???  any tips would be amazing! from a very frantic new mom!

Happy NaNa is not closed.

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