Living expenses in medan

I am offered a salary of 52 million idr with another 30million Idr for housing with condition to take apartment in secured ones. Children education,car and health care is taken care by company. We r family with 2 school going kids. We eat in restro monthly twice. Normally cook food at home. No alcohol. How much will I save.

Considering that the minimum wage in Indonesia is around 3mio, and Indonesian's can live off it, you are very well paid mate.

Depending on the country of your destination,
- children education from playground starts from 1.5mio/month and can go up to 2mio/month for college student
- car is quite expensive in Indonesia, but If you manage to buy secondhand, a 5 year old city car might cost you below 100mio
- resto in Indonesia prices have very huge diversity. You can start from 200k for a family dinner up to 2mio

From my experience, out of 52mio, you will be able to save at least 40mio/month

good luck in Indo if you decide to come

You've replied to a very old post but the topic is valid.
One issue for potential expats is knowing how far their salary will go, and your post explains it nicely.

haha... I just realized after I replied, it seems the forum is not too active

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haha... I just realized after I replied, it seems the forum is not too active

The Indonesia section is one of the weaker parts of the forum with far too few active members.
I'd like to see a lot more positive long term posters.

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Just for info, the Francophone version of the Indonesia forum is a lot more active than the anglophone one.


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