german speaking people in salalah

Hi everybody, i am looking from duetsch speaking people in salalah, as i may goto germany after several months and i wanted to practice mein duetschen Sprache ☺

No one in salalah  :sosad:


Hallo, Herzlich Wilcommen Freund,

Ich gern, spreche in Deutsche. Ich lerne Deutsche auf

Vielleicht, Ich scriben schlecht in Deutsche, entschuldigung, bitte.

Bis bald,

@subbu Tata > could you please write in English in this English speaking forum? Thank you

Do you know the topic ?

Subbu Tata :

Do you know the topic ?

Hi Subbu Tata,

What topic ?

It would help other users to assist you, if you could kindly be clear with your postings.

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