job opportunities for Dependant pass holders in malaysia

Hi all I moved back to selangor a week back and its been a boring week so far!!! I am from banglore and I would like to work here in Malaysia. Am on a dependant pass . how r my chances of landing in a decent job and what are the sectors I can find work. I am from the healthcare industry wid three years of experience. Kindly help wid sm suggestions.

Following - my spouse is also in the same boat. Any valuable leads from the community will be of great help to us!

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Slightly above zero. Basically you need own work permit as easier to do. Health care sounds like a nurse and that you cant do as a foreigner.

Most spouses just spend on shopping and become drunks ;)

The government attempt to change this has failed.  Why can't they just issue a permit that says can work for spouses?

Healthcare means not nurse tat will come under allied medical jobs . I have experience in technical healthcare . but I am willing to work in any domain or sector given the oppurtunity. what are the chances of getting a job in the educational field eg teaching jobs in international schools??.. I heard tat schools like global Indian school , Fairview do recruit spouses of expatriates and sponsor the work permit themselves. Is this true. ?. What are the other possibilities . do suggest anythin els than getting drunk or shopping!!!!!

Global Indian School have jobs on their website, but apart from perhaps a teaching assistant (if they employ people to do that) guess you will need some sort of experience for anything to are employed to do. I think recruitment of teachers is now for August 2015, as I have seen some jobs advertised. Its not just the DP issue that Nemo mentions, its the bare-faced fact that there are plenty of Malaysians who want jobs.

Thanks gravitas!! What kind of jobs or roles do Dependants fit in ? What are the kind of companies tat recruit them here? Is it beneficial to do some kind of course as an alternative for employability ? So many questions on my mind!!

There are no fast rules but usually interntational companies (or schools) as they are set up in a way that meets the requirements to hire foreigners. Otherwise, of course ICT is a good area and those companies fall under the MSC status. In fact any company that is MSC registered are likely to be able to hire foreigners. But general jobs without specific skills are unlikely to be available to non-Malaysians. The service industry is probably the best one to try and investigate. But the salaries are likely to be very low i.e. RM2500 and under. Creating a network through getting know people is always the best way to find work.

ThAnks gravitas so much for the wonderful info. U r a real lifesaver!!  Do keep giving suggestions on the topic. Also do notify me about any opportunities u cum across!!!  Jus a clarification tho ICT means information communication technology does'nt t? Is it something els.. I take dis forum as a means of networking hoping somebody will help!!! So desperately in search of a job nw..

Submyr - networking needs to take place face to face. Forums are great places for information exchange as you mention, but you need someone to get to know you and then recommend you for a job. This does happen over this forum occasionally in conjunction with jobs requiring specific languages or call centre work. But you need to get out and meet people in social occasions. In the post directly below this one, Philip Yeo mentions Plateculture as a way to get to know locals who may well know about jobs that are going or have suggestions.

Not sure where you are located. You should definitely try maz international
School in shah alam. They tend to take on anyone, not in a negative way I mean without teaching qualifications . But be careful that's my advice.

Thanks for the tip harvir!! Am put up in kajang. Will definitely chk out !

Only the awful "international" schools employ unqualified teachers so a terrible place to work often as a result. Also a terrible place for children!

Medical sales and some jobs are available for foreigners (not many but met those doing these) but many areas are restricted.

Basically you have to search hard but best via contacts. And an anon website is useless so is jobstreet. Join social events for expats and network. Give yourself 6 months to find a job as often it takes 1 to 6 months when here. If it takes longer than 6 months most likely you never will get a job here.

Most expat wives I met though just enjoyed 2 years of wives meetups, shopping trips and drinks. Or have a baby ! Best timing

Gravitas teaching jobs acc to me are ideal for spouses due to the job nature, timings leav etc. Also I feel  teaching is a role where passion and quest to learn plays a major role than qualification so it shud nt b an issue wid the school . I have seen ppl without necc qualificationd perform extraordinarily well too. But m skeptical abt hw many schools here do realize this!!!  I don't have the patience to wait six months for a job. Let's c how things turn out til den.. I m game fr medical sales too .fr tat matter I m game fr any job . u mentioned to try in services tat day. Can u explain tat more  precisely gravitas cos services industry is like a ocean ! Yes getting a baby. Nw tat sounds like a plan.. Lol..

Hi all,

This is a topic rather close to my heart, so I thought I'd share my experience.

I moved to KL 3 years ago with similar apprehensions, about 2 years experience in communications and 4 in market research. The job hunt process was relatively simple. Criteria for "allowed to work" stamp is similar to work permit - and mostly on the employer's end. Most MNCs including ad and communications agencies and ICT firms meet these criteria. Ignore "local wanted" jobstreet listings and write to the local lead or HR directly. Explain your situation first off. Organizations are keen since the "allowed to work" stamp is free of cost.

Once the interview process is done and you have an offer, either the employer will hire an agency to process either the "allowed to work" stamp or work permit or you can apply for it yourself.

Paperwork is exactly the same as work permit. Get all that ready with your employer (your vetted/stamped resume and certificates) and a ton of company registration paperwork. If you are taking on the process yourself, just go to Putrajaya immigration office, apply, check stTus on phone, go back and get your passport stamped for free in 3-4 weeks. Simple.

As long as you are qualified and show the organization what you bring to the table, working on dependent pass is not tough.

Feel free to write to me at tamannamishra[at] I have been working for 3 years, had offers from several organizations and the entire process is although daunting, not an impossible proposition.

Malaysia is perhaps an easy country to use your skills/ time/ willingness to be meaningfully employed. Just stay focused. All the best!


Thanks for that Tamanna. Very helpful indeed. I was wondering how easy it might be to freelance under a DP.

Freelancing would need you to set yourself up in a consultant status, otherwise companies have no one with a business registration to bill. This is even more necessary now as GST implementation means a registration is also needed to offer and charge for any services.

Thank you Gravitas. Is setting up as a consultant status difficult to do under a DP? Are you familiar with the procedure? Any tips much appreciated.

Simple is a relative word.... but its a common status but you would need to find out if the services you want to perform fit into that category of company set up. Exploring with a corporate Secretarial company (company formation) is the quickest way to get that answer. There are capital injection requirements though. The other option is a Labuan company which does not require capital (its an offshore company) but that means no billing in Ringgit either. Not sure if GST has crept into that side of corporate life either - time will tell.

Hello!  I am new to Malaysia.  I am an expat wife. I have 4 years of teaching experience (in India and Hong Kong)  History,  French and English.  I have professional teaching qualification (B.Ed). I have written a book which was a part of my pre doctorate studies and it did quite well worldwide.  I am quite well qualified and have never been out of job so this unemployment is killing me. Can anyone suggest where i can look for a job in the teaching sector?

Hey, did you manage to get a job for yourself ?

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I am too in the same boat,I am new to KL,can you guide me about the same? Please

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