English and Russian lessons in Istanbul


A brand-new year has come, so it's time to start smth new!)
If you need to learn or improve English, or Russian language is so interesting for you - I am going to help with that!

P.S. Asian side of Istanbul

Have a good time!

happy new year to you too ,i am interested in learning Russian , plz give details about the location , mode , fee etc.

Hi Victoria,

Welcome to :)

Can you please post your offer in the appropriate section which is the Language classes in Istanbul section ?





For more info please contact me on ************

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Hi there,

What would be the rate?

Can you give lessons at an office / company ?

Please contact me directly :***********


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Hi Victoria,

I'm interested in learning Russian. I'm fluent in English, Turkish and Albanian. If you want we can help each other in learning new languages.

Best regards


hi all  :) ,İ am a foreign English teacher & İ live in İstanbul. İ know also other languages( Arabic,French & Turkish, but no Russian.
Plz let me know if u need my help .

Hi everyone,

For Language exchange please post an advert or have a look on our Language Exchange in Istanbul, which is more appropriate for it and it will facilitate your hunt :)

Thank you


I'm going to live in turkey
How can I learn Turkish
Could you help me please?

Hi Mojtaba,

You can try language exchange and language classes in the CLASSIFIEDS section.

Good luck

you may take Turkish lessons

Hi dearly. I'm living Istanbul too Anatolian side .I want to learn English each other practice. I'm a Turkish Literature in a high school here .If you want to learn Turkish and accept teach me English with practical we can make it each other. Thank you. ...

Hi Alberkan,

As per above suggestions, you may want to check Language Exchange in the CLASSIFIEDS section of the website.

Good luck

GOod day i need to improve my speaking skills .... where in asia side ?

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