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Hi !

Having done a master 2 in teaching French to foreigners and now preparing a PhD, I give private lessons for seven years now. Moreover, I've worked in two different schools in England and in international summer camps. As for France, I've worked in AMS (Lunel) and two French as a foreign language schools (Montpellier).
I offer private lessons adapted to your level and your needs : preparing an exam, oral conversation, work on texts, grammar, preparing to enter university in France, etc. It's up to you !
If there are several students of the same level and if they wish to, they can share a lesson to pay less. Contact me for further information.
The lessons can be at my house or at yours if you live in Montpellier.

Our first meeting will cost you 10 euros only. During this lesson we'll get to know each other and determine your goals and the way you like to work.

I speak English quite fluently. I also speak a bit of German.

I hope to see you soon !

Bonjour !

Titulaire d'un master 2 d'enseignement du français pour les étrangers et actuellement en doctorat, je donne des cours particuliers en parallèle de mes études depuis maintenant sept ans. J'ai également travaillé dans deux lycées en Angleterre, dans des camps d'été internationaux, à l'AMS de Lunel et dans deux écoles FLE de Montpellier.

Je vous propose des cours adaptés à votre niveau et à vos objectifs : préparation au DELF/DALF ou au TCF, conversation, travail écrit, grammaire, préparation à la rentrée universitaire, soutien dans vos cours habituels, corrections de mémoires ou de thèses... à vous de choisir ! Les cours peuvent avoir lieu en groupe si plusieurs élèves du même niveau se présentent en même temps : tarifs dégressifs, me contacter.
Les cours peuvent avoir lieu chez vous ou chez moi, à condition que vous habitiez à Montpellier (à négocier).

La première rencontre est à 10 euros, nous l'utiliserons pour faire connaissance et déterminer vos objectifs et votre manière de travailler.

Je parle anglais couramment, ainsi qu'un peu allemand.

A bientôt !


Hello Maude

i invite you to drop in an advert in our Language classes in Montpellier classifieds section and also to register yourself as a private teacher in our Private Teachers in Montpellier business directory.

Kenjee Team

Hello Kenjee,
Thanks for your advice !


Hi Maude

I am looking for someone who can help me improve my French. Are you stil offering Tutoring services? I realise your post is from last year and you may not still be offering to tutor. if you are not can you surgest someone who could help me?

I have recently moved to Saint Series 34400 France and have a moderate vocabulary but would like the basics of sentance structure and help with pronounacation. I would prefer one on one tutorage but if i had to i would be ok with joining a class.



Hi Campbell,

Welcome in Hérault department!
Thanks a lot for your message. Unfortunately, I'm not available at the moment as I'm writing my PhD, and it requires a lot of concentration.
I do not have any specific suggestion to make as my friends who used to be available for private tuition of French as a foreign language in Montpellier either have moved out or are too busy.
However, I know two websites where you can find teacher ads sorted by subject and location:
I have a profile on both, don't be surprise if you find it. There is no way to desactivate it temporarily...
Good luck!


Hi Maude,
I see you were unavailable last year. Are you available for tutoring now?


Hi Natalie,
I'm sorry but I'm still unavailable for now. I'm working on my PhD to finish it at the end of 2017. After that, things might be clearer.
Have a nice day,


Hey, im lookin for a teacher who can prepare me for the c1exam.  are you  still teaching in mintpellier

No sorry. This ad is 3 years old, but I don't know how I can cancel it...
Good luck,


MaudeV :

No sorry. This ad is 3 years old, but I don't know how I can cancel it...
Good luck,


Do you wish this post to be removed Maude?

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