IATA kennel for pets

Hello! Can anyone give an advice where in  victoria I can buy a dog cage for travelling.. second hand or new.
Thank you

on way to Bau Vallon from Victoria there is a computer shop called galaxy opposite Barrel bar and disco, next to galaxy is a shop where you can try

Thank you ! But I have been to the all pet shops in victoria, providence,  galaxy ... none.
My last chance to find second hand  or order online... both are complicated as no one reply about second hand and for the order it will take few month, which I dont have....

Hello! Can anyone tell me where can I get more information on the import of dog from Bulgaria. I read all the requirements, but when I went to the veterinary clinic in Victoria and asked them what should be my first step to start the procedure - they politely told me that they would send me an email. I am still waiting for them ...
Thank you in advance

Hi Svetlana !
I can only give few tips ( as I transferred my dog FROM Seychelles to Malaysia.)
-Make sure your dogs vaccinations are up to date.
-Microchip required
Rabbies vaccination is necessary , as Seychelles is rabbies free country .
Go to government or authorised VET  in Bulgaria to prepare your dog veterinary health certificate .Basically it is a paper that your dog is fit to travel.
Than contact something like agriculture and veterinary department in Bulgaria ( in many countries it is possible online) and request for EXPORT permit .
Contact the same in Seychelles and request Import permit .
Last step is finding airline and route that transfer pets and that is more comfy for your fur kid.
Prepare airway bill or get assistance of airline staff on charges and conditions.
Some airline , like Emirates will prepare airway bill and transfer your dog only by cargo.Some will charge as extra luggage or live stock .
One more -IATA approved crate-your dog can stand, turn around and lie down , water container ,good quality material ,hard to brake .
Hope it helped
Good luck

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