On a qi gong mission..

Hey everyone! Currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand - but looking to head toward Vietnam for a few months in Feb. Are there any english speaking Qi Gong (or Tai Chi) schools in Hoi An? (or know of any good ones around Vietnam in general)

Thanks so much!


Hello Anna!
It is already a bit late.. :). But have you found anything of qigong in hoi an.
Actually i am in the exact same situation!
I want to practice more qigong and i would love to teach a bit...
I am from germany and i want to improve in the time of my 6 month trip.

May i ask where do you stay at the moment?

I am in Hoi An right now :)

Well, looking forward hearing from you.

Have fun,!
And if you are still travelling... have great journey :)


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