Hi all new friend I m a thai girl still work in here ^^

Hi khmar friend in Phnom Penh
My name Or from  bkk thailand
Now I m work at here n need you
To help me for search a apartment
Around Turk Kork 1 bedroom 1 living
Need comfortable modern n safety quiet
350-500 usd/month
I try to see around this area but owner say
No more room all .. And some place
is too expensive for singer girl like me ( more 700 +usd )
Please some information if you know or you have it
I need to place asps
Thanks guy ^^

try this website:

http://www.independentpropertyservices. … toul-kork/ … -kork.html … dia-3.html

Hi ;

you should look around the Good Time Gym (
They have built many new homes and additional streets in this area. Very convenient.
Bus transport, near Antenna. You get downtown fast using the road on the old lake.

Here's the gps of Good Time, all the home (ptea leveng/chinese home) are situated behind. … CHwQ_BIwCw

Have a good day

Hello, Yes i know . If you really need the apt i will tell you . Thank you.

Hello Or

My name is Bill and have been living in Cambodia for 5 years, 4yrs. in Sihanoukville and one in Phnom Penh now. I went through the same situation that you are in.  Couldn't find what I was looking for at the price I wanted. So, this is what I am doing now and you might want to consider,  I am now living in a clean semi-well managed guesthouse for $360 a month includes. Air con, free wifi, TV, wardrobe desk and chair, vanity with mirror and hot and cold water shower.  Without aircon is $290, fan only. This time of year you don't need air con, There are many of guesthouses like this on the east side of Monivong Blvd. around olymipic stadium area, and I am not sure where you are looking. I am not familiar with the area you are at, but I am sure there must be some around there. Eating outside can be cheaper than cooking, I have a electric hot plate and do minor cooking if needed.  Hopes this helps

HI khmar . Pls contact me . There is one room with kitchen ,bathroom, balcony and with Aircon It will be available at 300 USD and the location is best .it is near independent monument ,

My contact no is 017666234

Hey.. i have a friend who can help you.. email me and i can give you his cell number.. His name is Borey.. he lives in Phnom Penh

Hi Or,

Now do you manage to have an apartment yet?


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Can you please send photos of the $350. a month room all inclusive.

Hello Ruben M,

I suggest that you post an ad in the Properties for rent in Phnom Penh section for this offer.

Thank you,

Shaazia Team

Hello I am looking for the same living conditions you have right now. If possible could you please give me a location to your area and if there is anything available at the moment please?

Thank You

Hello Charlie

Shaazia :

I suggest that you post an ad in the Properties for rent in Phnom Penh section for this offer.

Thank you,


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