musicians & movie buddies needed

hello everyone :) ive been here in amman for almost a week now and ive been looking for musicians & movie buddies here in amman, i must tell u it is easier to do so in european countries than it is to do it here even though i do speak arabic so help!! lol thanks :D

Hi fuadgritli,

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Welcome on board  :cheers:

I think movie buddies is easier to find than musicians but I do hope you succeed.

What is the reason that you landed in Jordan?

What place do you think this is? Amsterdam!!! hahaha you are a funny guy!!!

First: I am a woman!

Second: thanks for your compliment.

Third: there are some Jordanian bands and musicians, only not easy to find.

Unfortunately Amman is not Amsterdam otherwise my life will be much more fun  :D

AngelHeart666 if you dont know how to help people..... it better to not write nonsense, we know that Amman not like Amesterdam, not like Harare.... USA not like Japan  :lol:

thank you very much :)

yea i noticed :) i met with a lead singer of a band called autostrad .. a very nice guy but he is very busy with his band ... so im trying to explore  :) i am here because the channel i work for broadcasts from amman :) i am a tv presenter

well its probably not Amsterdam but i didnt ask for the places and the facilities that Europe has  i just asked for fun people :) those exist everywhere :D thank u

Hello, my name is Scott and I play acoustic and electric guitar and have vocal skills. My expertise is in rock and classic rock however I can pretty much play and sing anything. *** if you're still interested

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