Possible to find a 2 Bedroom House on Rent in CPT for R 6,000?


I am trying to make sense of my R 38,000 a month Salary offer by a company in CPT (Before Taxes/Healthcare). Can I find a house for R 6,000 in a safe area to live with my family? If it is more than R 6,000, I may have to decline this job offer as the taxes in CPT are high and so is Healthcare.

Please visit or You will get an indication of the prices.
I hope this will help.

I was in the same position as you, I had to decline and I have family in Strandfortein. The cost of living out ways the poor wage, totally not worth it. For me at least. Good luck, beautiful country though.

Of course you can , depends which area you want to live, OK safe area yes safe area for R 6000

Depends on which area are you looking for. Look at gumtree or

Hi Ajay,

You can definitely find something in the Southern suburbs within your preference / price.

Wish you the best of luck!

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Carsten - H&E

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