How to deal with dog barking in Malta?

Poor dgs were probably saying 'Get us out of here!'
They'd be better off at somewhere like the dog sanctuary in Marsaxlokk. I volunteered there for a few months- they have space to run around (in shifts). It's pretty nice as far as dog shelters go.
It sucks when people don't give their dogs enough exercise and stimulation.

at least some of them switch on the air condition all day during hot summer so that their huskies don't suffer heat strokes  :P
adequate animal husbandry looks different ...

I am a dog lover and have one myself. I do not have any problem with him barking luckily as it is annoying to hear a dog bark continuously.
all responses seem a little pessimistic. What I would do is file yet another report to the police station, but keep a record who the officer I spoke to was. If I have to return to the station, I would ask for the same officer or his superior to see why nothing has been done.

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