Any Filipinas/Filipinos here in Costa Rica? Let's meet!

I just moved here for almost a month, looking forward to meet fellow Filipinos here!
Lets hangout and have some nice conversation about living here in Costa Rica and talk about PH as well...
Im excited to see you all :) Send me a message if you like to plan a meet up.



My wife is a Filipina from Pampanga.  Where are you located in Costa Rica?

I lived in San Joaquin de Flores Heredia. I will stay here for a long time. Where are you guys located? Looking forward to meet your wife :)

South of Jaco.

I was there last year for 3 months from July to September but didn't met any. I'm now here in Panama and met some Filipina and they said Filipinos hang out by the casino in alajuela by the airport.

Filipino's like gambling I guess.

Maybe but that's what they told me. It could be a place to start. Good luck! Have a great day.

My wife is Filipino.  We have a place for rent in Costa Rica.  Send me a note at xxx

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i'm new here for a one-month assignment - any kabayan I could meet?


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