Would like to learn basic French in Casablanca

Bonne annee 2015!  We are a small group of Filipinos from Manila, visiting in Morocco for a month.  Our home base is Casablanca.  Some of us would like to learn beginners French.  Are there any institutes nearby with French language lessons?  Merci!

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I can help you with basic French online, before you came here.

Just ask :)

Try the Institut Francais, either one of their courses or to see if they will refer you to someone. They will only refer you to someone who does this in a structured way and who has qualifications.

Please don't bother doing this with someone unqualified. You have so little time, you need a proper teacher to maximise your learning potential.

Ask anyone who offers to help you what their qualifications are and insist on seeing their papers of qualification. If they don't have any or can't/won't show them, then thank them politely and say goodbye to them.

For the Institut Francais, you must pass a test before registration to evaluate your level, after that you will have to subscribe for 3 months (you said that you will stay only for one month), so the program is planned for the three months...i think that you should find a teacher if you wanna some one qualified as laduqesa said, but you have to pay at least 20Euros/hour, for accelerated courses.
When i said that i can help you, it's offering you my knowledge in French for free (i say it to some people who can misunderstood me)

NB: For you information i am French-Moroccan  :cheers:

Best Regards

Yes, but the Institut can refer them.

As they are a group, the 200 dirhams an hour won't be too onerous.

Actually it's 200 Dirhams/Hour/ Person :)

can you help me improve my french tita for free :) i will help you with english if you need

Of course Emy with pleasure :)

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