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Hi Everyone

I have been offered a teaching job in Ghayathi as a Gr 1 teacher at the Glenelg school of Abu Dhabi and I just wanted to know if there's anyone out there living there who can tell me more about how it is to live and teach there? I am from Cape Town and this will be my first time working abroad. I will be travelling alone and my husband will come over later. I am very nervous to travel alone so any travel tips will be greatly appreciated too!


Step 1)  look it up on a map of the UAE and have a GOOD understanding of WHERE you will be... Then Google, Google, Google.   It is not an area where everyone adapts well. It will depend on your needs and lifestyle.


I have been offered a job at the ADNOC School in Ghayathi and am considering the offer. Having utilised Google to find more info on the town and surroundings but I would like to find out from expats already living there what it is like? I am married with kids of school-going age and is orginally from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Is there an international school for my kids? Living costs? Anything at all will help!

Thanks in advance!

Petru Harrison

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