getting married to american citizen

hello, first i want to thank all of u for the information though till now i know already all of them
i wish to find the answers for my questions here as soon as possible!
i am going to married my american fiance soon, we don't have much time, he will come Egypt for 24 days only, i know the progress and the papers that we need, but i need to know many things about the time as much as i can because it is so important for our case.
first he will convert to Islam , so how many days does it take to receive the certificate?
second, we will go to the u.s embassy to have the affidavit paper, my question is, do i  have to make first an appointment with the embassy or i can walk in , and how long does it take to have the affidavit certificate ?
and the most important question, how long does it take how many days it will take after getting married in the Egyptian Ministry of Justice  to receive the certificate of our marriage?
i know after i receive it i should go to Notary Public Authority, how long does it take to receive it? and can i translate it at any other office?
and i know after the certificate translated to English i have to take it to Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to b.    Have translated marriage certificate authenticated, how long does it take as well, because i read in one forum that it takes between 4 to 6 days , so plz i need to know!
why i need the specific time because i need to know when for sure i will have all papers completed so i can make an appointment date with the u.s embassy to apply for tourism visa to travel with my husband
and if someone have experience about the tourism visa to USA , when i make the interview with all the papers that i have that approves i got married to my american husband, is it easy to take it?
long topic and many questions but i truly need someone to answer me, and i would truly so appreciate that!
thank you in advance!

Many, maybe most, of your questions I can not answer.

However, as you are marrying a US citizen, you should learn about what that means in terms of your financial assets.
If you will be living in Egypt or any other country other than in the US, then any joint financial account you will have with your US-citizen husband will have all money information and private personal information sent to the IRS; this includes any other account that you may have at the same bank in your own name.

Also, if you have any banking or investment accounts in your own name now (say, in Egypt), you will have to report these to the IRS every year, and some accounts may be taxed in the US even tho you earned the interest or gains outside the US.

Love is wonderful but taxes can complicate relationships as you move through life together.  Cross border taxes are particularly complicated.  So, do try to find out about FATCA (a US law that is complicating many lives of US persons abroad).

Even when you not an American citizen?

Hello dza87,

Aside from the very significant tax implications, correctly pointed out by LLGM, you may face problems regarding obtaining a visa as well.

First of all, you don't mention whether or not it is your intention to eventually seek permanent residency in the USA or if you and your husband plan to remain in Egypt. You should be aware that, in itself, marriage to a US citizen DOES NOT GUARANTEE the ability to obtain permanent residency in any way. Every case is judged on its own merits and especially with recent foreign marriages are highly scrutinized by USCIS and they tend to consider them for the most part as "marriages of convenience" with the sole purpose of skirting immigrations laws and obtaining permanency.

Since you would be married to a US citizen it may even be difficult for you to obtain a B2 Visitor Visa as a result. They would wonder why you are applying only for that category visa.

If you are unable to marry in Egypt due to the time constraints and decide to travel to the USA and marry there, you require the appropriate visa. If you enter the USA with the intention to marry and do so on a B-2 Visitor Visa, this is considered as a violation of immigration laws and you could be subject to a 5 to 10 year ban on entering the USA. You require a K-1 Fiancé Visa in order to avoid such a ban.

While you legally can marry in the USA on a B-2 visa, you must PROVE that it was not your intention to marry when you entered the country. this is almost impossible to prove especially if you applied for a visa status change within the first 90 days.

James           Expat-blog Experts Team

thanks for ur reply so much, though now from what i understood i feel a little disappointed, now its also about money?!!
am i have to have bank account with money?
is that will be a problem, cuz if its ok so i dont have any problem with the taxes!
what if i do not have?
i am egyptian girl, but ofcourse i need to be wherever my husband will be, which is the states

hello mr james thanks so much for Your reply
i am Egyptian , i do not intend to live in Egypt, i will live wherever my husband will be, and of course which will be the united states, we will begin with my spouse visa as soon as we can , but what i asked for, after our marriage here in Egypt i will make an interview with the u.s embassy regarding a tourism visa, we will likely show them the paper that i work for my spouse visa, and we already got married, and now he is my husband, how is it possible they Prevents  me to be with my husband, i will travel as a tourist but will work until i take my spouse visa, i am so afraid, to be away again from him, i need to live with him, i don't care about anything, and don't know what to do to secure to travel with him! :(

The United States of America is one of the most strict in the world with regard to issuing visas. As I mentioned before, the mere fact that you are married to a US citizens IS NOT A GUARANTEE that you will receive a visa and the USCIS themselves will tell you exactly the same.

They are very determined that everyone comply fully with immigration laws and regulations, and they are getting tougher all of the time about it, because this is what the American voters want.

Just make sure that you do everything according to the rules and you should be ok. Just a note based on your last posting, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO WORK on a B-2 Visitor Visa (see No. 1 in "Further Information" in the following US State Department webpage: … sitor.html

You look like you are starting off on the wrong foot already. If you don't know their rules you had better ask since the consequences are very serious. It sounds to me like you might do well to contact an agency in Egypt that has experience with US Visas and seek their assistance.

James      Expat-blog Experts Team

You need to check because I believe you may not even qualify for a B-2 Visitor Visa. You should be applying for a CR-1 Conditional Resident (Immigrant) Visa.

of course i will check very soon, and i believe i will find a solution
thanks for ur msgs :)

Please get all your information directly from the American Embassy and also the Egyptian authorities. That way you will get the correct information. While often forums like this are helpful often incorrect information is passed on. Best wishes for you future life together :)

thank you dear!
actually i did,and even talked to attorney
unfortunately there is no way after we get married to travel with him, and even when he travel and applied for spouse visa it takes more than one year, so sad!

please allow me to introduce myself and my husband.
My husband is Egyptian with American citizenship and I am American.  We were married in the U.S.A. for
many years and are now retired in Egypt.

1. It is much easier for your fiance to convert to Islam in the U.S.A, since it  involves his name change.
2, You do not need the affadavit, but he does. He might be able to do this in the U.S., if not, he can
     do it in Cairo at the embassy, by appointment only through the web site.
3. The affadavit has to be notarized by the Egyptian foreign affairs in Cairo'. You will also need a marriage
     license from the hospital with blood tests for both of you.
4. New you go to Ministry of Justice in Cairo  with the forms and pictures.  You will need two witnesses
     with you, unless you are willing to rent them from the street, which can be time consuming and
5. The certificate should be issued in two weeks and will have to be translated to Arabic. The embassy
     can provide you with the list of the translating offices.
6.Now he has to make another embassy appointment for both of you to enter you into the system in order
   to get the visa.

You will need definitely more than 24 days.
Best to you and may God help you with the Eygptian bureaucracy!
                                                                     Sandra and Elsayed Fahmy

Dza87 congratz for the wedding, Alf Mabrook :)

One of my best friends met his love in Korea she was teaching there and they had a sweet marriage here then after a short while he went to the states.
I`ll ask him for you as i was also a witness in his marriage at the court.... i`ll ask him for the rest of the steps....

Imo, DO NOT go to the American embassy they will 99.99% treat you as fraud (and anyway visa appeals are based on the empoyees mood :D)and if you are rejected i guess there is a specific penalty period of many months before allowing you to re-apply...  You or your fiance have to make contact with a lawyer/ migration services offices in U.S or Cairo. they will give you the shortest route to get your legit marriage confirmed and short /long term residency with your husband.

hello sandra!
thanks so much for your reply
all of what u said is the process for the marriage here in Egypt i absolutely  know
the one thing that u said that truly made me confused is that after marriage we can make an appointment with the embassy to enter me to the system so i can take the visa!
sandra i asked, it takes alot of process, he should apply for me for a spouse visa after marriage and it take more than one year sometimes even 2 years, if what u say is truly true that to me would be a truly amazing suprise to me, but i went to the embassy, and did not enter i just talked to people outside knows information and they told me its even hard to travel with him under tourism visa!
plz make sure sandra of what u said, and know that i am Egyptian and he is american
i dont know according to what u told me this , but let me know as soon as possible plz
and thanks dear for ur time, i truly appreciate it

hello Spiritstallion!
thanks so much for your concern and replying me topic, i truly dont know how to think many things i hear, most of them negative and for the first time u and sandra tells me something positive it can be done in Egypt, all i knew is that if i get married to him here in Egypt it will not be easy at all to travel with him, though he is American citizen not even a green card holder, when i knew that i shocked , how could i be a wife for an american and can not travel with my husband!
plz try to know what ur friend did, before i do something with attorney , i would be truly so grateful, and he is Egyptian and his wife american?!
and also when did they get married ?
thanks so much for this great msg i truly appreciate that
and last thing after how long he traveled and took the visa?
maybe the short while is a year, but to me it is long while :)

The interview at the embassy after the marriage is only to certify the marriage  according to
American law.  Entering you in the system has nothing to do with the visa. It is only the
first step. The best way is for your husband to return to the U.S. and deal with the INS
which will issue the green card as a spouse of an American.  Know that this will take a long time.
The American embassy in Egypt will contact you to make an appointment when all of this is

Unfortunately, there is no easy way around this.  If it is better for you, my husband can speak with
you in Arabic.  His #01062603900.

aww sandra, you are truly so sweet and helpful , you and your husband truly thank you so much for both of you
yes this is the truth i knew darling that it will take almost a year and maybe more, so we are now thinking of the fiancee visa, may god bless both of you, i deeply appreciate how u want to help me!  :heart:

thanks so much in this forum at the end  found going with the k1 visa is the best way, so i postponed my marriage until i have my k1 visa and get married to him there in usa, thanks everyone :)

Hi hun. I just read your forum. I had a question, did you end up getting the visa? Im actually trying to figure out how to get my boyfriend back to the US he lived here in the US for 8 years and when he went back they wont let him come back because he has the Egyptian passport. So do you reccommend me doing anything that can help him come back?

I have read all your responses, I just am confused about the conversion. I also have an American, non Muslim boyfriend and we are planning on getting married. I guess my only 'problem' is that he is coming to Egypt soon and has no intention of leaving till we are married so convincing him to convert I'm the US is going to be trying to say the least. So maybe if I know the procedure I can show him the benefits of going home and doing it there. He can be as stubborn as I am, which is considerable. So any kind of assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your help.

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