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My initial research of international schools around KL shows that they are very expensive.  For one I calculated in the region of 100,000 MYR to be paid over in first year.  Looking at some of the information available, it appears that students from the 'home country' of these schools are in the minority. So I get the impression that these schools see their target market (I use this 'business term' intentionally!) as predominantly ambitious locals and wealthy expats from other countries, who are happy to pay any price for an English-language education for their children.

I've read elsewhere that non-nationals cannot attend Malaysian national schools and apart from this the class sizes are very big.

Neither of these options are attractive for us, although certainly all the extra-curricular facilities in the private schools are nice to think of.

What are the alternatives?  Are there 'reasonably priced' private schools, not necessarily with all the 'luxury facilities' and 'marketing language' of the international schools?

We are experienced with homeschooling and therefore this is a realistic option, however it's important our children have social outlets where they can meet other kids. Do networks exist for this, outside schools?

Yes, there are other options. Price rises with grade. But you are right, these days, the schools are more attended by local kids from wealthy families. Alice Smith is a good senior school but if you want budget there are several to choose from, including USCI … cation.pdf

Yes, Int schools are indeed expensive, especially the ones that provide a good education. It also depends on where you live. Desa Park International is a bit cheaper and have heard good things. But am sure there are other expat families that home school and probably have a forum to get together for activities.

You come to Malaysia you pay the price. Indeed as I keep saying couples with kids need a proper expat contract (20k plus all accom plus all school fees plus all.medical) to make it worthwhile.

Cheaper to live in USA or UK than Malaysia (with children)

I also agree you shouldn't locate here unless you have the expat package which includes int schooling for your children. You also have to take into account travel expenses or a car.

Thanks for all the feedback, especially Gravitas the link you gave, which pretty much confirms my first impressions. Even the cheaper private schools are expensive when coming from a background of state schools in Europe (not to say everything is perfect their either).
All of this just confirms for me that home schooling is the right route, and not only from a financial point of view.
But still my concern exists how we make sure our children will meet other kids and integrate... I guess this comes down to building a social network with other families and seeking out other home-schoolers (google search in progress...)

Hey Patrick,

I realize that you and I are in the same dilemma. If it's not too late, may I introduce you to my children's school? It is a private home-school like program with a smart school concept. Visit their FB page if you're interested. Good luck!

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