Hi Everyone, I am currently living in London as a engineer and a Forex trader, is there anyone here in the Philippines trading Forex i would love to chat as i have a passion for fx and would like to meet with others with the same interest.
Hoping to move to the Philippines soon, i spend approx 5 weeks in the Philippines  Anthony...

I  tried  trading in  Philippine  stock market as well  in Middle East  but never  tried forex.

Maybe  you can  share  the info on how we  can join forex.

Lol, it's not hard to join fx. The hard part is making money from it. It takes skill and discipline to be consistent. Without consistency it's just gambling, and gambling inevitably leads to loss.

My interest is in futures and stocks but I probably won't be in Manila for several months.

Hi, I am Forex trader. Let me know if you are still around

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